The Last Song – Ice Prom Night & Farewell Shinde

Hi Ice Warriors!

Yesterday we hosted a big party on Alaska. What was that night! The event started like always from practice some tactics then the real party started. During the Ice Prom all ice queens shone like diamonds and all ice kings looked so icey (max. 75 penguins).

Of course, during the ball there were competitions with prizes (special roles on the discord). That night you could take part in several competitions – The Best Ice Duo, The Best Ice Group, The Best Formal Outfit, Ice Prom Queen and Ice Prom King. See the results below. Congratulate to all winners!

The Best Ice Duo
(ex aequo)

Chris& Lemonade1Steph

Regan & Shinde

The Best Ice Group

Iceyfeet & his dates

The Best Formal Outfit



Iceyfeet1234 & Shinde

If you missed that amazing party on Club Penguin Armies, check pictures below and remember to congratulate winners on our discord server!

Thank you guys for coming – I coulnd’t imagine better last-leader party on Club Penguin. Big shout out to all who are not in Ice Warriors and just wanted to spend time with us. It means a lot, friends! ❤

Much love and see you around,

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