Halloween Showdown First Battle + PB with Mangoes [AUSIA]

Grrrrrr the werewolves and vampires are around us….

Greetings warriors, today we logged on White House to have our first round of the Halloween Showdown at AUSIA times! Troops needed to pick being either a Vampire or a Werewolf, we also had Mangoes to attend the event! After 3 rooms, the Vampires took the win by 3-0. Congratulations to all Vampires and amazing job from the Werewolves! Special thanks to the Mangoes of CP for accepting this practice battle!

💀 Total Max: 47 💀

Battle Pictures:


Congratulations once more and thanks to everyone who came!

Make sure to click #event-information for our training tomorrow!

Make sure to click #practice-battle for our PB against Water Vikings this Tuesday!



IW Commander

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