Halloween Pumpkin Takeover: US Battle Practice

Hey there Ice Warriors!

This evening we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for a fun Pumpkin Head themed battle training for our troops! We had a great time sharpening up our quick room changes and tactics in preparation for the upcoming CPAH Tournament! Incase you missed out on the fun, check out the event photos below!

===Max: 47===

46 Uniformed + 1 Non-Uniformed Troop

Thank you all for attending today- we hope you had a SPOOKY TIME! Make sure to check out our next two events: THURSDAY’S HALLOWEEN SHOWDOWN PART 3 & SUNDAY’S FRIGHT OR FIGHT TOURNAMENT BATTLE AGAINST ACP!– We will be giving away nitro, promotions and an EXCLUSIVE MEDAL!!! See you there!

Love you all,

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