Scary Story Creative Writing Contest Results

Main theme: Scary Story

Judges: Kayles, Tomaro, Shinde

Deadline: 10th November 

Results: 12th November 2020

3rd place

In the third place, tied for bronze, we have Captain Corgi and Rein! both of their stories tied with a chilling score of 8. Congrats to both of them!

Captain Corgi’s Scary Story: A family of 5, a daughter(youngest), 2 sons, and a mother and father. were having breakfast when suddenly their dog looks at them as if they were crazy. He dashes off away from them, and he runs and runs. The family is left distraught, all except their daughter, “He’ll be fine, his muzzle is dotted with grey! He couldn’t have run too far.” she said. The family seems to be reassured by her simple words, suddenly she looks at one of her brothers and says “Brother, something needs to be dealt with “, “What do you mean” he replies “Your homework oh brother! Your work” “Hm? Oh yes of course dear sister” The parents know that something is wrong and somehow their dog might be their only chance of knowing what.

A year passes before the dog comes home, the family seems delighted but the daughter stays motionless, as though glued to the spot, “Oh brother! You haven’t finished your homework, I thought it was clear enough what to do”, “Forgive me, dear sister, I thought after all this time they would’ve forgotten”, “Well it seems I have a job to finish”. Suddenly the dog grabbed the parents and the other brother and pushed them behind, it started growling, no, talking, “Never. Touch. Them. Again. You’ve already replaced me with that stupid servant of yours, you don’t need to do anything more.” “Alas, perhaps you are right brother but now they know too much” Suddenly her skin and flesh melted away, and grew back. She had big scarlet wings and eyes that flashed when looked at, she turned to the servant “Everything done wrong has a punishment deary” She flashed out and he had a long gash across his body, “Too bad my little experiment couldn’t have gone that way” She smiled at the dog. The dog turned to the remaining members of the family and whispered one word “Run”

Rein’s Scary Story: 11 November 2020 3rd Times The Charm It’s been a dreadful year for Abigail’s family and maybe for mine, or maybe they don’t know I am alive. Speculating and procrastinating has always been my role and not caring about me has always been other people’s role. Abigail used to care for me and I use to care for her until she met other men, other men who poisoned her mind, other men that changed her. Actions have consequences and that’s what I wanted the world to know but now I am known as a killer and I don’t mind that title to be honest. Killing cats, bugs and other animals always reminded me about control. Since I am going to die in the woods anyway I might as well tell u about my 3 victims, so would people say.

I found shelter, an old shack, with a rusty piano and a cancel Jake We were always a group of 3, me, Abigail, and Jake. Jake was a compacted kind who clearly didn’t care about anyone, especially me. He had white hair, a nose- ring, Toffee brown eyes. My mom didn’t like the dude, I don’t know why. One day Abigail and her new lover Jake went to the movies, the same place where I worked it’s like they wanted to make me feel bad! They pilfered my feelings. Conner Might sound new to you but not all Conners are evil, only some. The reason his life was taken was that he wouldn’t leave my dear princess Abigail alone, it looked like he was about to do the same thing as what I did to him, and he deserved it. He took her spirit and joy away and I took his dreams away. Abigail If always looked up to her, she was a beautiful young lady, but she changed if I can’t have her, no one can. Playing my mazurka in the moonlight, summer, rain while not only feeling my but other people’s pain.

2nd place

In second place, we have Kally’s wonderful entry! She got a spooky score of 9, great job to her!

Kally’s Scary Story: The Nightmare of the Little Boy in Blue Shorts: Once upon a time, there was a little boy in blue shorts. That little boy was no ordinary boy, instead, he was the creator of a huge Club Penguin army, called the Ice Warriors. His favorite hobby? Recruiting on Club Penguin. One day, the little boy in blue shorts logged on to Club Penguin. Eager as always, he has practiced his recruiting lines the whole week! “Cough Cough Join the Ice Warriors today! Fun events and battles, just google Ice Warriors of CP!” he mumbled to himself as he waddled through the Snow Forts, on his way to the Town. Once he arrived, he positioned himself in the middle of the huge crowd in the Town, he put on his tiny propeller hat and held on to his hockey stick. “Joi-” he started, but his voice cracked. “The I-” he tried again, but his voice… his voice was gone! The little boy in blue shorts panicked. What do I do now? How can I recruit with no voice? Ashamed of himself, he ran away to the Café. The little boy in blue shorts was heartbroken.

To calm himself down, he decided to order his favorite: Mini waffles, burnt bagels with butter, and a chocolate bar. He wrote the order down on a piece of paper and handed it to the orange penguin behind the counter. “Sorry… We don’t service blue penguins here, orange penguins only, now get out!” the orange penguin yelled. The little boy in blue shorts was shocked. First, no voice to recruit, and now no waffles and no burnt bagels? What else is there in the world? He decided to go to the dojo to see if some of his friends were around to play Card-Jitsu. He was crying the whole way, his eyes blurred by the tears… “No voice… No recruiting… No waffles… No burnt bagels… My life is over” he thought. With his eyes blurred, he didn’t see where he was going, and suddenly! Crash! With the tears blurring his eyes, the little boy in blue shorts didn’t see the way he was going… didn’t see the way he was going and fell down the manhole in the Plaza! He hit his head and opened his eyes. “Where am I?” he said, and immediately covered his mouth with his penguin hands. “My voice is back?!” He looked at the clock, 10:05am. “Oh no, I’m late to recruiting!” and the little boy in blue shorts got out of his tiny bed in his igloo and waddled his way to the Town, thankfully, it had all just been a horrible nightmare! The End

1st place

In first place, we have Trinity’s story with a shocking perfect 10 score! Amazing job to her for doing so well!!

Trinity’s Scary Story: I’m calling to report an uh, a missing person.” a mother, her skin pale and her hair dark, shakily grasps the phone in her hand. “Okay, ma’am, how old is the person?” “My daughter, ehm, she uh, she’s 15 years old.” “Okay I need you to take a breath, is foul play suspected?” “No, no she was just out in the backyard, doing a school project, and I went to call her in for dinner and now- well now she’s just gone.” The mother’s voice breaks, and her husband comes behind her. He consoles her with his whispers and reassurances that they’ll find her. “How long have they been missing?” “Well, as I said, I called her out for dinner the night before last night. I was sure that she probably went out with friends, but when she didn’t come home this morning, I knew something was wrong.” “Are there any known mental or medical conditions that could have possibly interfered with her leaving?” “Uh, not that I can think of, no. She has ADHD, but I don’t believe that could’ve pursued her leaving, no.” “Okay, what’s her name?” “Kristen. Kristen Wilson.” “Okay, we should be able to look that up. If you could please come into the Harrisburg Station to provide us with more information, it’d be much appreciated. I’ll file your case and it should be sent over to the station by the time you arrive.”

The mother hangs up the phone and unplugs it from the wall. “That sounded incredibly fake.” her husband scoffs, pacing the kitchen. “Oh you baby, it’ll be fine. We just need to recollect our thoughts,” she states with air quotations, “and walk into the station hesitantly. There’ll be no suspicion.” “What about Moore’s? Next door? They’ve complained about your yelling multiple times, and filed a report once!” “I’m a mother. Parents yelling at children is normal! Anyway, all they heard was my complaint about her performance in school. Nothing about the situation we’re dealing with now.” “Did you hide it?” “Did I hide it?! Of course, I did! What kind of question is that?” “I’m just making sure. There can’t be any room for impediment.” “I know. Get ready, make sure you look as debilitated as possible. We’ll start driving in an hour.” “This feels indispensably wrong.” “Of course it does. We killed our daughter.” The couple walks up to the large glass doors. They embrace in a hug, for what seems like hours to them, sitting in the warmth of each other’s arms. After separating, they walk into the building. It’s cold and glum, people of all different shapes and sizes sitting on the benches within.

The pair goes up to the counter, greeted by an older woman with a wrinkled smile. “Hello, how may I help you?” “Hi, ehm, yes. We called earlier today, uh we called 911 and they said they’d transfer us here? We reported- we reported our daughter missing this morning.” “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. What was the name?” “Kristen Wilson. I’m her mother, Esther, and this is her father, John. Both have the same last name.” “Yes, we have her file here. I’ll bring this into the chief’s office and call you both in soon?” “Yes, thank you.” The woman gave them a slight smile before walking to the back of the hallway. It’s now 5 years later. The same pair sits in a church, surrounded by other sinners. The woman chewed the inside of her lip, were any of them as horrible as they were? Did they know what she had done? If she were to fall to her knees and admit her wrongdoing would she be forgiven?

Her husband squeezed her hand, but it wasn’t a reassuring gesture. She knew he was telling her to sit up straight, for she looked as if she were about to give out. She gulped and nodded. Pasting a fake smile upon her lips. Walking out of the building, she stops. Dead in her tracks. Her husband looks at her in fear, before looking around to see who notices. Shaky breaths release from the woman’s lips. You can see the condensation occur, the slight fog from her mouth due to the cold. “Do you see her?”, she whispers to her husband. “See who?” “Look. By that red car. It’s her.”, her husband scoffs without looking, “No it’s not, you’re paranoid. Let’s go.” The two sit in their car, the wife sitting in the passenger seat. Her eyes wide and her breathing heavy from shock. Her husband locks the doors and she begins to sob, “What if someone finds out? What if that was her? We’re done for! My life, my job, our house! It’s all gone!” “You told me, 5 years ago, that you hid it. You hid her. You hid the knife. You took care of it. We’re okay.” She nods, and her husband grabs her hand before driving back to their home. During the car ride, all the women can notice is the red car. She sees it in parking lots, on the road, at restaurants, and everywhere she looks. Her head is spinning. Every time she sees this same car, she sees the same figure. A young, brunette woman.

Every time the car passes, she can never get a glimpse of the woman’s face. But something, just something, stirs inside her that tells her to run to the woman and tell her how sorry she is. How insanely erroneous she was to have committed the actions she did. But she can’t. She knows what she did was done. There was no going back. So rather than driving herself crazy, she sits against the window and sobs. She quietly cries and wishes that she still had her daughter. She and her husband grieved differently. She started out strong, while he started out wary, and now they were completely the opposite. She had to cave. They finally arrived home, but this time, there was a red car in their driveway. Their front door was wide open, but it didn’t seem to be broken into. Her husband parked on the opposite side of the road and prepared to grab his phone. “No.” she stated, “What? Our house is being robbed and you want to walk into the fire?” “No, we’re not being robbed. It’s Kristen.” “Do you hear yourself? You’re insane!” “I’ll go in. Just- just don’t call.” He scoffs and unlocks the door, before deciding to go in with his wife. He throws the phone into the driver’s seat and walks up to the house with her hand in his. As soon as they walk through the front door, they see the figure. She’s holding a picture frame and stroking her hand across a young girl’s face. “I wonder what it would’ve been like. You know, if you would’ve given me more freedoms.”

The husband stands confused, but the mother falls to her knees, holding in her sobs. The girl turns around, and the husband instantly steps back in astonishment. “Hi, mom, dad. Miss me?”, the girl grins and walks towards them. Look, this was what, 5th grade? You wouldn’t let me go to summer camp because you were worried I’d get sick. So you what, you took me camping instead.” She scoffed and tossed the picture at her parents. “What was wrong with me? Why’d you do it?” “I- I don’t know! It was a mistake, please, Kristen, we’re sorry. We’re so sorry, please baby, what do you need?” “What do I need? Where was that question five years ago? Hell, where was that question ten years ago?” “How-”, the father was still taken aback, not understanding anything. “How did I do it? Dearest father, you didn’t stab any vital organs. I crawled from that spot in the woods to an abandoned cabin. I was able to get on my feet, and from there I pretended to be a student in Wallbridge. Got a job at a fast-food restaurant, and got a job as a CPS manager, and I’m on track to get promoted further from there. As for what I want, I want you to suffer. Like how I suffered. But this time, I don’t leave room for mistakes.” It’s now 2 weeks later. The same girl sits in the Harrisburg Station and walks up to the counter. A young man sits with a smile, “How can I help you?” “Hi, I’d like to file a report.” she manages a small smile and fumbles with her fingers. “Of course, what’s it for?” “I’d like to report two missing persons. My mom and dad.”

Well done to everyone who participated to make this the best short story contest ever! Until next time Ice Warriors, don’t freeze up!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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