Celebration Ice Day! + HoF Inductions [EU/US]

Happy Day Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Sub Zero, our capital server, for an amazing celebration! This time we practiced many tactics, bombs and formations! Thanks for everyone who stayed to this long event until the end.

Max: 57

Also, after some months since the last time, today the Hall of Fame inducted 2 new members and bumped up 5 members! All of them were officially announced by Iceyfeet1234. You can check the HoF list here:


Congratulations to the following people!!

This person has been apart of IW throughout this year and has shown so much dedication for the army. They have been with us through our ups and our downs, standing by us and defending the army through difficult times.

Congratulations to LawCorazon on achieving IW Champion title in the Hall of Fame!


The next group of people are also apart of the new generation from this year, and have lead the army to countless victories. All of them have put in so many hours of dedication into the army and helped build the Ice Warriors into what it is today, helping pave the way for future leaders. They made a name for themselves within the army and the community, and doing so showed others that if you continue to work hard nothing is impossible.

Congratulations to Shinde, Erick09 and Alex on achieving IW Icon title in the Hall of Fame!


The next group of people put the army before anything else for many years. These people spent countless days and nights improving IW to the best of their ability. Their loyalty knows no bounds and neither does their vision for IW. They’re loved and respected by their peers and heavily looked up to by new members. They have all had an incredible impact on the army over the years, and their legendary acts have influenced many.

Congratulations to Flamez64 and Ben on achieving IW Legend title in the Hall of Fame!


This next person has achieved the highest title any Ice Warrior could achieve. Holding this title means they’ve done absolutely everything in their power to build this army. They’ve been with the army for years and helped us show our strength across the community. They single handedly changed the army in the best ways possible, bringing fun and laughter to our community. Notorious both inside and outside the army for their techniques and achievements. This person has accomplished so much in the Ice Warriors and the community, and he has proved it over the years.

Congratulations to Regan on achieving IW Mythic title in the Hall of Fame!


All of these people have certainly made a dent in the history of the Ice Warriors. Each and every single person should be celebrated and honored for they have created not just an army thousands have participated in but one of the greatest families we have all been apart of. Keep working hard, always stay loyal and one day, you’ll find yourself on the HoF.



Event Pictures!

Thanks for everyone who came! Congrats to all the people who joined or got bumped up in the HoF!! Make sure to check out discord for our next events! And one more time let’s say it together…

Ice Warriors Forever

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  1. Congrats to everyone!!

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  2. Congrats hope more troops will make a dent in the IW History!

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  3. Congo rats to everyone 🧊💜


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