Troop & Staff Member of the Week: 7th December 2020

Hey Ice Warriors! :devilheart:

It’s Monday again, and it’s time for new Troop and Staff Member of the week! Who is it this week? :E7~1:

Troop of the Week: Grace!

Grace is one of our lovely US division troops and only joined the Ice Warriors a month ago! She might just be a Warrant Officer, but she attends all of our events and always keeps main chat hyped. Grace is a sweetheart and friendly to all of our new troops as well, making her our troop of the week! Congratulations Grace, well deserved :PinkHeart~1:

Staff Members of the Week: Freedomist & Turbo!

This week’s staff members are the recruiting power duo, Freedomist and Turbo! Turbo only rejoined the Ice Warriors 1.5 weeks ago, but quickly found his way back to staff and hasn’t stopped being amazing us ever since! His recruiting buddy Freedomist, as always has done an excellent job as staff, and keeps surprising us, every single week. The power duo thus really deserves this honour, we couldn’t even pick between the two! Congratulations to Turbo and a massive shoutout to Freedomist for making this his third time holding Staff Member of the Week! :Clap:

Make sure to congratulate Grace, Freedomist and Turbo when you see them on main chat!

Remember to check #events-information for our next event!

:aesthHeart2: TPWK! :aesthHeart2:


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

6 Responses

  1. Hugeeee congo rats to Grace! Amazing job!
    Freedomist amazing job comrade 💙
    And Turbo, your loyal Tayto is proud!
    Great job everyone! 👏🏼 💙

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  2. AHHHHHH CONGRATS GUYS!!! You all deserve it!💖💖💖

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  3. Congratulations to Freedomist and Turbo and Grace! So well deserved, you all are so amazing! 🥰💙

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  4. Congrats to all, you guys are absolutely incredible!!!

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  6. Congrats!!!

    Try to Attend more events to get a chance to be TOTW or SMOTW!!!


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