Santa’s Takeover! Formations Training [EU]

Great event Ice Warriors! Amazing job once more.

Today we logged on Sub Zero for an important formations training! This time we practiced as we said, mainly formations with a really big size! Also some tactics and getting in sync, with some bombs to call the next form!

I’d like to say thank you everyone for coming, we are actually maxing more than ever in this last months, let’s keep it up and make it better! Make sure to attend our next events, it will be important for the Christmas Chaos tournament if we are aiming to win. Let’s prove once more that we are unrivaled!

Max: 70


Event Pictures!

Also check the formation names and remember them the next time!

Double V (Upside Down V & Normal V)

Infinity or an X curved

An A formation with a line at the bottom (Upside Down V with a line across and a line at the bottom)

X formation with a line at the bottom (apply it on Docks)

Infinity Sign (Or an X formation curved)

Circle with a vertical line

Make sure to check our Discord for the next events!!

Kings Never Die

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