Throwback Thursday: xat

Hey there Ice Warriors! Hope you all had a great week!

On this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday we will dive into xat!!!

For those of you who do not know what xat is (pronounced zat), it is a website in which people can create different chat channels to communicate with each other. Before Discord, this was the primary way that Club Penguin armies communicated with each other, hosted events and battles, and fought many wars.

The Ice Warriors chat did not move to Discord until the end of 2019 when the army was reopened. Before then, all communication was done on the xat platform!

This is what the Ice Warriors xat Chat used to look like back in the day! Do you see any familiar names? Comment below and let us know who you find!!!

Leading events on xat was much much different than the events that we have today. For example, on discord we typically mute our chat for events so leaders can do tactics without distraction. Back in the xat days, chats would not be muted. In order to unlock the mute chat feature, you would have to pay for it, and when you did, it would only mute the chat for 1 minute at a time.

Typing in word tactics on Club Penguin was also a lot different. You could not copy and paste from xat the same way that we copy and paste from discord. In order to do a word tactic, you would have to type our the words into the Club Penguin chat bar. The big word bubbles that we do today (and the 6-liners that Erick loves so much) were not a thing during the CP Army xat days.

This photo shows the Ice Warriors xat chat during an event.

Another common occurrence during events when doing word tactics was asking all troops to “Say I when typed”. Because word tactics took longer to do than emotes, all troops would let the leaders know that they have it typed and ready to enter by saying “I” in the chat during the event. Once everyone said “I”, they would count down the tactic and enter it together.


I am from the new generation of CP Armies and have not attended any events on xat. To find more about this historic part of the community I reached out to iconic Ice Warriors Second in Command / IW Veteran / CP Army Veteran / Iceyfeet1234bestfan / Clown…. Lemonade! See her outlook on xat in the interview below!

Alex: What was your favorite part about using xat?

Lemonade: My favourite part of Xat was the background and the name designs! Imagine chatting over the IW banner?? Just like we do, we always had a graphic designer creating custom IW Xat themed backgrounds. With the names.. a few of us have some funky name fonts in Discord. The “ℓємσηa∂є1s” font is the same name font I used to use back in 2011! We all had a custom lil name font to ourselves and some fonts were unique to others so it was fitting that I brought mine back when I came back armies.

Alex: How does xat differ from Discord for Ice Warriors events?

Lemonade: I remember how laggy events used to be back on Xat. There was definitely a similarity in that tactics were announced on Xat and then said on Club Penguin but there was a lack of speed and there was no VC leading. Most of the time, we would just flip back and forth between Club Penguin and Xat. It was annoying (and annoyingly slow). We also used to only max around 20 people most of the time and that was considered a huge deal! Now look at us, wouldn’t it be great to hit 100 troops at the Christmas Chaos tournament?? (Alex’s Note: YES! Make sure you attend 😉 this Sunday!!! )

Alex: Do you prefer using Discord or xat?

Lemonade: At first, I thought Xat was better than Discord and I just couldn’t catch on to Discord like a boomer when some of the Chaos clowns invited me back to the community in 2019. I redownloaded the Discord app onto my phone and eventually my laptop in 2020 and well… Discord is WAY better than Xat. The emotes, the structure, the flow, etc. it’s just so much more advanced and there’s so much more than you can do with it than Xat. After using Discord, I don’t think I can go back to regular texting. Also, Lemonade Mouth is a good movie.

Pictured here: a young Lemonade circa 2012 simping for the only and only Iceyfeet!

Similar to how we customized our discord page for different holidays, xat also allowed you to customize the background and chat for different occasions. This screenshot was from Halloween time!

Features such as game bot channels like poke cord, uno, and bot commands were also not available on xat the way that we have them on Discord. Looking at the photos of xat you can tell it was a very basic system, not like the complex discord that we have today!

As you can see, operating on xat vs operating on discord are two very different things- my personal preference would be Discord- let us know what you think in the poll below!!! 🙂

Love you all,

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  1. Well I recognize Lemon lol. Happy Birthday to you Lemon :))

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  2. Yooooo this was a really nice post 🙂
    I was wondering what Xat was like since I saw a few people talking about it the other day and wow it’s hard to imagine doing tactics on that! o.o Discord just looks so much easier, though those IW graphics do be looking nice 👀
    I think the only people I recognize from those screenshots are Lemon and Icey :p

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  3. The OG Icey simp B)

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  4. i saw an albert 417..


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