Meme Monday: Simp Squad

Hello, Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to another Meme Monday! Today, I spoke to one of the biggest simps in IW about the Simp Squad. The Simp Squad was made on November 24th, by Ice Warriors’ LiT, Orange. Some of the names on the list may look familiar, including yours truly, which you’ll also hear statements from in this article.

The ranks of the Simp Squad

Trinity: Hello, Simp Squad! Now, if you’re here, that means that your name is on the list of members of the simp squad. Would you like to let me know a little bit about that?

DrQueen: So, it all started when a lonely Orange rolled his way out to the grocery store into the mysterious world of Ice Warriors. Now, he claims himself to be the simp king. In fact, legend says “born a simp, always a simp”. That’s what my simpette advisor Orange told me. He saw that RPF had a pretty huge simp squad, and he thought… well; IW needs one. He automatically assembled a team of the IW simpettes and made me Leader because I am a “natural born simp” (since I simp for Purple :uwu:)  BUT THAT DOESNT MAKE ME AN AUTOMATIC SIMP :waaaaaaaaaaaa: Anyways, he made the squad and eventually, I inducted Quinn as simpette leader (because I felt like it and I needed somebody to help me control the other simpettes in our army cause they do be kinda crazy) and ever since then….the simpettes of IW have been formed and we are thriving.

Quinn: So I became leader cause my lovely friend DrQueen was a leader of the very successful and popular IW Simpettes, and was feeling pretty lonely as the (biggest simp) leader. Not many people know of my simp history but trust me, it’s enough to be qualified as leader :Wink~2: ever since then, we’ve been working out best to keep the other simps in line, and inducting new Simpettes in Training (as well as starting chaos with the RPF simps, what lovely gals). If you feel you have the simping qualifications, feel free to reach out on how to join ❤

Quinn simping for DrQueen in main chat

Abi: So, the IW simpettes started being a thing because Orange started being lonely. As the only simp in IW, he started adding us to the group by choosing who simps more (which is not true.)  I will mention that I very much simp for patty melts :ufff~3:, but that’s basically how it started. I can’t wait to see our SiT’s (Simpettes in Training) grow into lovely simps :uwu: Thank you for your time and Dm me if you would like to join us :waiting4StanPhoeeoeoebe:

Purple: Ok so orange started this IW simpette thing (which, idk why im in it). (We all know who the real simp is cough orange cough.) Well, I’m kinda a simp but not really. So we have the simpette leaders, DrQueen and Orange :fbi: . We also have our RPF simpettes :ufff: . Soo if you wanna join the simpettes of cp dm us. :eblackblink:

Maya: I’m in the Simp Squad because I simp for too many tiktok boys:SCWblushHEART: Orange just likes to deny the truth that he is a simp because he’s scared! LMAO anyways, JOIN THE SIMPS! P.S. , be sure to tell stinky orange that he’s a simp:hehe:

Waddle: Orange was tired of being called the biggest simp again and again, although deep down, he knew it was true. Suddenly, he realised that the best way to divert everyone’s attention from his own simping, would be to create a band of simpettes so simpy, no one would call him a simp again. The Simpettes of IW. How big of a simp do you have to be to be the creator of a band of simps with official simp ranks? Ask Orange. That’s all I’d like to say. Also, MEE6 :uwu:

Could Orange be the ultimate simp?

Ok so, the IW Simpettes started to become a thing because of Orange, (IW’s biggest simp :hehe: ) Orange wanted to see who simps the most. I will say I simp for Chevy :uwu: But yes, that is how it started. But for now, I will say Orange is the biggest simp in IW.

Oh uh hi I have no idea what the IW Simpettes are, but I just want to make it clear that I am NOT A SIMP for anything whatsoever. Orange is the biggest simp, and everyone is supposed to know that. LIKE HOW DO YOU NOT ALREADY? :KEK~1:

Now, after interviewing the members Simp Squad, I decided to talk to Orange about his position as the creator.

Trinity: Hi, Orange! From what I know, you’re the biggest simp, and the creator of the Simp Squad. Care to tell me a little bit about that?

Orange: Hello, my name is Orange. For some reason, there’s this perception of me that I am a simp (even though I have never simped for a woman :waiting~4:). So while I was receiving the false accusation, I realized “Wait a second, IW is FILLED with simps”. So in retaliation to being wrongly accused of being a simp, I formed the simppettes to showcase the TRUE simps of IW. These individuals have all earned their simpette roles one way or another and have continued to simp today. But, I am also proud of their simpery, because it has led to other simp squads being created around the community. Though these guys are simps, the IW simps are the best simps in the community, and I am glad to have them in IW.

The truth confirmed from wise former leader Gtudsd

As you all can see, Orange is very hesitant about sharing how much of a simp he indubitably is. Now, being a member of the Simp Squad myself, I can agree with my fellow members that Orange is without a doubt the biggest simp out of us all. He uses us to cover up his own simping, please if you’re reading this save us, but what do you think? Is he, or is he not a simp? Let us know in the main chat! Thank you all for reading, and remember, Orange is the biggest simp.

the show must go on,


IW Staff Member

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  1. ORANGE IS SIMP np cap

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  2. is being a simp a good thing


  3. orange is a simp


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  5. orange is a simp


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