New CP Holiday Party 2020

Hey Ice Warriors! The holiday party is in full swing on New CP! So let’s check out what it has to offer this year.

There are various tasks around the island that will help you earn more coins! Ring the bells at the Plaza and throw ornaments at the tree in the forest! You get 5 coins for each ornament!

Rockhopper has also returned, bringing new gifts that you can buy from his ships’ catalog! I think the green hats are really cool.

This year’s coins for change has a lot of awesome prizes! Most of which are already unlocked. Dont forget to pick them up and check out the awesome daily gifts!!

Head to the Ski Lodge, sit on the chair and then click the camera! You can get a free background for your penguin!

Happy Holidays Ice Warriors! Which party do you like better, New CP’s or CP Rewritten?


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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