Q and A: The Truth behind Clindsz’s CPA Mini-game winning streak

Hey there Ice Warriors!!

I know many of our troops are home for the holidays! I hope everyone is using this time to relax and recharge. How about we relax and recharge with this week’s edition of Q and A? I asked our troops/staff members some questions and asked our lovely trusted staff member, Clindsz the truth behind her CPA Mini-game winning streak. Is she really this good…..? or…is she really cheating….? Read down below to find the answers to some of the questions I asked and the truth behind Clindsz’s winning streak.

DrQueen: What is your favorite club penguin mini-game?

Adverntix: My favorite would have to be card-Jitsu because I remember on original club penguin, that was the first game I played, and I immediately fell in love with it. I got a black belt in like 2 days of playing club penguin. You could say that I was addicted and maybe I was lol. But I really loved the card animations when you beat your opponent.

Chevy: My favorite club penguin mini-game is the Ice Fishing game. It’s very simple and easy to do as well as being very fun. I strongly dislike the crabs though. THE CRABS SUCK. Why do the crabs care about the fishing line in the first place? Anyway, the game is very fun and I enjoy playing it, it’s also the only game that I know the name of.


At the moment, Chevy knew she messed up with that crab


DrQueen: The saying “I’m at the Pizza Hut I’m at the Taco Bell, I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” is a very popular saying, however, we all know one person prefers one over the other….so do you prefer Taco Bell or Pizza Hut???? :waiting~11:

Five: thats tough, um, LMAO, um, ahhh it would be taco bell! 

Kris: Well I’m gonna have to go with pizza hut, I’ve never been to taco bell :screams: but I’m sure I would like it

Roman: I, personally, much prefer the saying “lest I be present art thou pizza hut, lest I be present art thou taco bell, lest I be present art thou combination pizza hut thou taco bell.” I like it better mainly bc I Shakespeare-ified it lol. But personally, for me, I would prefer the combination of Pizza hut and Taco bell. It has the best of both worlds :IWwaiting:


DrQueen: Why does Clindsz have to cheat in every mini-game? –Freedomist

Clindsz: Interesting you should ask. Let me clear this up for all our readers- I Do Not, I Repeat, Not Cheat At Minigames. Some call it cheating, others call it – simply being the greatest. Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but people have to be assuming I’m cheating for some reason- right? Must be doing something right. People are always saying before minigame events “WHO’S GOING TO BEAT CLINDSZ” or “WE HAVE TO BE FASTER THAN CLINDSZ” and the like- really makes you think. Recently, between Water Ninjas, Ice Warriors, and Clown Rebellion there have been quite a few minigame events. These have ranged from sled racing, to connect four, to just simply racing across the island in-game. In most of these events, I have remained victorious – and have even gone as far as receiving the POGGERS (great role, cred to whoever made it), and Sled Racing Champion role, sometimes even extra snowflakes – IW’s finest currency. Certain people, we won’t name any names or anything, we’re not very happy about me obtaining these roles. Due to these wins, I have been called several things – fraud, cheater, coward, fake, user of PED – to name a few.

There has even been some speculation about me having access to Club Penguin Armies Premium – whatever that is – and that the Club Penguin Army servers are stored in my attic! Some have even gone as far as to try to use a VPN to what they believe to be the location of these servers in hopes of winning, unfortunately for them, their plan faltered and I still emerged victoriously. This only further proves that this theory is false – in my opinion. I will admit though, yes, I did recently purchase a gaming pc for quite the sum of money – we won’t discuss that bit here. However, the claim that this purchase was all for Club Penguin Armies is far from the truth! I won’t lie, the 1 millisecond response time from my PC to my monitor is pretty sweet though. If any of you are looking to buy a quality PC that may or may not improve your CPA minigame skills…you know where to find me. Really the only advice I can give is to simply, git gud. No, but in all honesty – I have nothing else to thank for my wins aside from my fast reflexes and being familiar with the games. If anyone wants to take me on, again, you know where to find me. I’m always looking for new, worthy opponents.

Clindsz’s haters are her motivators


Do you believe what Clindsz is saying is true? What is your favorite CPA mini-game? Comment down below and let us know!!

Got any questions for next week’s Q and A article? Please DM me or comment down below if you wanna see your question featured in next week’s article!

Happy Holidays Ice Warriors!! Until then, Don’t freeze up!


Trusted Staff Member


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  1. she just has a good gaming chair


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