Fan Art Friday #14

Hey Ice Warriors!

As the week comes to an end, we have another edition of our wonderful Fan Art Friday!! There are so many amazing artists in IW, only choosing a few is tough! Let’s see what these artists have drawn and what their thoughts on their work are!

For our first piece, we have a wonderful redrawing from our corporal Pileuron!

Kayles: Hey Pileuron! love the drawing you made, I noticed you also posted older work, how did you improve so much?

Pileuron: I don’t know XD. I really improved at paper drawings but, I think it’s about practice. I draw them with the mouse, so there is no drawing tablet or any digital pencil. Another one is I think about which program do I use. My best chance is when I learned to use layers.

For our second drawing, we have an amazing digital piece by our Trusted Staff member, Steph.

Kayles: Hey Steph! I love the detail in this drawing, what was the inspiration behind this? It looks amazing.

Steph:I was inspired by our pizza event on CPR. I loved our pizza chef outfits so I made it into a drawing! I tried to incorporate the blue of our penguins with the hair and dress :IWsalute2:

For our third artwork, we have a pop-culture piece by our Trusted Staff member, Subster!

Kayles: Hey Subster! I see a lot of detail went into your drawing, how long did it take you to complete it?

Subster: A few hours! It was for a class assignment but I had tons of fun with it.

For our fourth piece, we have a very colorful drawing by our Head Lieutenant Clovini!

Kayles: Hey Clovini! I saw the drawing has a lot of detail, what program/app did you use to make it?

Clovini: I used ibis paint my usual.

For our final piece of art, we have this banner from our Marshall Icey Nugget! 

Kayles: Hey Icey Nugget! The colors look amazing on the banner! what program did you use to make it?

Icey Nugget: pixlir e!

That’s it for this week’s Fan Art Friday! There are so many talented artists in the Ice Warriors. If you wish to be featured in our next article, make sure to post in #fan-art on our discord to have a shot of being in here!

Let us know in the comments which one in this week’s article was your favorite!!

Ice Warriors Forever!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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