Weekly Recap #5

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hey Ice Warriors! I hope you all had an amazing week! What game events did you attend this week? Let’s see what the game divisions had in store for us this week!


This week we had many fun CPR army events! We started our week off with our AUSIA pizza party event and the following day, we did some tactical training. For our second training event, we had a Pizzatron3000 contest and a day later we also had our exciting practice battle with the divisions. The battle was Blizzard vs Polar vs WV, and in the end, Polar won, but all of IW won by beating WV! We also had a fun Coffee vs Pizza vs People’s Imperial Confederation showdown and to wrap up our week, we played hide and seek and did some formal tactics training!! We had some amazing forms, tactics and sizes to boot!

– Subster

Training tactics and fun new formations!


Minecraft had a very eventful week! I finally decided to install MC on my laptop and I’ve been missing out on a tonne! The server is so beautiful! A huge shout out to Subster & all the MC mods who work so hard in building this server and for hosting events! The week started off with a complex maze, made by Freedomist, Levelz & Kally! We also had a hide & seek event by DrQueen, and we finished off the week with a Wither event hosted by Snow! (Legend has it that apparently IceQueen [the newbie in MC] crashed the entire server during the Wither event. FYI – I am innocent to everyone reading this.)

– IceQueen

Thank you to Jeddsbtw and Kirby for giving me Elsa Skins (I had no idea how to get them).

Getting prepped for the Wither event!


The Roblox division hosted many games by our hosts, Clindsz and IceQueen (Our amazing trusted staff). We started the week with a fun game of Sharkbite and we also had a fun game of Freeze Tag. We ended the week with a Zeppelin wars. It was a fun week for this division. What was your favourite game? Let us know down below in the comment section!!

– Purple

Ready for Freeze Tag?

Voice Chat Events

There were a variety of events in the Voice Chat Games division this week! Karaoke is always popular and we had that twice this week hosted by myself, Franz, Kirby, Legoman and Gavin. The energy and vibes from it always lift everyone’s mood! Throughout the week, we also had a funny Jackbox event by Burger and Kally, a relaxing Movie Night by Subster and an awesome Music Kahoot made by Kally and me. We have plenty of exciting things in store for you all next week and I hope to see you all there!

– IceQueen

The battle between the elemental Qweens drawn by one of our lovely troops in Jackbox (Ofcourse, IceQween triumphed! Ice Warriors rule!)

Miscellaneous Games

The beloved Misc division had a total of four events this week. We started off with some rounds of Mafia, which were hosted by Purple. We also played some Broken Picturephone with Steph and minidynamo even hosted a Pokemon Showdown Tournament, which was meticulously organised! The picture is from our Scattergories event, would you let Iceyfeet1234 count?

– Kally


What were your favourite events of the week? What events do you want to see us host next week? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

Subster, IceQueen, Purple

Weekly Recap Helpers

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