Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: March 15th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

A new week means we have new Staff, Recruiter and Troop of the week! Who could it be?

Troop of the Week: Luni

Luni may only be a Lieutenant, but she has already left a lasting mark! She attends events, talks with us in main chat and is always helping new troops get situated! Below is a fun picture she submitted for our latest St. Patrick’s Day Contest!


Recruiter of the Week: Grace/Dragon

This week’s recruiter of the week is Grace aka Dragon! Thank you for everything that you do, you certainly deserve this honour! Amazing job!

Staff Member of the Week: Ghostgirl

Ghostgirl is one of our newer staff members, who only joined the team very recently! But ever since they joined the staff team, they have been excelling at everything that they do, helping troops and helping with events too! Congratulations Ghostgirl!

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

Make sure to congratulate Luni, Grace and Ghostgirl when you see them on main chat!

Remember to check #events-information for our next event!:aesthHeart2:



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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  2. Congrats guys uwu


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