Fan Art Friday #17

Hey Ice Warriors!
I hope you’re all having an amazing Friday! Are you excited to see which art pieces have been chosen for this week?! Keep on reading to find out!

Our first piece is an awesome pixel art dedicated to our Advisor Shinde, made by one of our kindest Staff Members, Josh!

IceQueen: Hey Josh! This pixel art is amazing! What was the inspiration behind it and what program did you use?

Josh: So really, making this salute had originated from when I made the first salute for IW, which you can see pinned in #fan-art. There has been pixel art I’ve done besides the IW related ones, and they happened to get a lot of love. I then had the idea to make a dedicated one, the Shinde salute, and while it was kind of difficult, I was able to put it all together. <– I used this when making the salute as well as some other pieces you may have seen from me, plus, Shinde is just amazing ❤️
Spoiler alert: another dedicated pixel salute is coming soon.

The next piece is dedicated to Ice Warriors, made by our fantastic Corporal 1st Class, Pileuron!

IceQueen: Hey Pileuron! This is drawn so well, what did you use to make it?

Pileuron: I can say I made it randomly. I used the Gimp, but the inspiration might be icy things, evil queens, that’s why mouth like that. (you are wonderful queen :D) (my limit of my English😂)

This piece is very intriguing, made from our awesome Head General, Aiden!

IceQueen: Hey Aiden! This piece is very interesting, what inspired you to make it?

Aiden: Well uh it’s kinda deep so I won’t go into it but uh blood and violence

The next 2 pieces are beautiful drawings dedicated to our LiT IceQueen and Staff Member Levelz! They are from our incredible Warrant Officer, RedWalkzz.

IceQueen: Hey Red! Thank you so much for drawing these! ❤️ What did you use to make them and what was the inspiration behind the drawings?

RedWalkzz: I used a pencil, because we all know art supplies are expensive. And ofc, I wanted to make a gift for our passionate staff 😀

The following work is made by our amazing Private 1st Class, Frozen Flames!

IceQueen: Hey Frozen Flames! This art is really unique! What’s the concept behind it and what did you use to make it?

Frozen Flames: My art concept is a mix between balance and color with the warms and cools. I was experimenting on faces and masks, I like half and half drawings and I just wanted different ways to show expression and that’s how this came along. I used Ibis paint.

The last piece for this week is by our awesome Head General, Nathan!

IceQueen: Hey Nathan, this starry night sky is really pretty! How did you create it?

Nathan: I used an app called procreate on my iPad! I call it the starry forest

That’s it for today everyone! Which art piece do you like the best? Comment below to let us know! If you would like your art to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #fan-art channel of our Discord! Remember to always…

Love Yourselves!


Ice Warriors Leader-in-Training

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