Fan Art Friday #19

Wassup Ice Warriors!

We’ve made it to the end of the week and now we can sit back and look at some lovely drawings from IW members! We recently had Easter and MM a few of our pieces will be based on those memorable days. 

To begin, we have a calm night sky picture by TotallyLia!

Abi: Hey Lia! I absolutely loved this picture as soon I saw it, how long did it take you?
TotallyLia: About 15-20 minutes.


Next, we have a drawing by Penguin based off of our March Madness (MM) Win!

Abi: Hey Penguin! This is such a creative piece :a_awe:, What did you use to make it?
I used Procreate on my sister’s Ipad 🙂 She got the app for her birthday and it was really cool.


For our third piece, we had a lovely edit by Pink♡

Abi: Hey pink, this is lovely, what inspired you for this piece?
Pink: I really love IW so I thought I could make something to show that I cared. So I decided to make something small to symbolize that I do love them:blue_heart::blue_heart:


For our last piece, we had a really creative Easter egg by Princesspiya

Abi: Is there anything about this piece you really liked? maybe a feature or a step of the process?
Princesspiya: So one thing I like about the art is that it’s my first art dedicated to IW. I never thought I would be able to enjoy so much again but IW made it possible. This egg is a way for me to say Thank you to the Amazing Ice Warriors…..

You heard it all here! Why they made their pieces and what they enjoyed about it. If you’re an artist in IW and you enjoy making art make sure to leave it in #Fan-Art and you’ll have a chance of being mentioned in our next Fan Art Friday! Hope you enjoyed our article this week.

Keep Being Amazing! :Bluehearts:



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  2. So kewl keep up the good work

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