Is Furrid-19 spreading accross IW?!

Why Hello there Ice Warriors, Happy Tuesday!

This month of April has really started off strong hasn’t it? There have been several important events happening recently, such as Our Victory on March Madness against ACP, Icey losing his precious Burnt Bagels (once again), and our Easter Egg Hunt Event too! (Did you find all hidden eggs?). Today we are not going to focus on any of these events, but we are heading in deeper and look and what is going on these past days… And it’s the return of Furrid-19!. Oh no… After long and long months of being free of this sickening illness, it has returned. There have been several sightings on this matter, and they all point to… The Leader of the Furries, Abi! Abi has been accused several times of being a Furry, since she has been spotted and caught with a Profile Picture of Big yellow Bird, from Sesame Street, this has led to panic around the server, because it could mean the unstoppable return of the Virus, Furrid-19, which originated a couple months after COVID-19. This virus was said to be started with the Ex-Leader Madhav, but it soon disappeared just as it came; but now, are we actually safe from it? Will this virus keep going around and spreading and demolishing everything it touches? Read below and find out people’s opinions on this matter!!

Dany: How do you feel about our recent win and biggest battle against ACP two weeks ago?

Five: You see, right when the judges announced the scores + overtime, you get that immediate feeling of adrenaline, and it’s just :chefskiss:. Personally, When I saw we won overtime, I was just relieved. Then I knew all of the hard work of the Leaders, LiTs, HCOM, and Staff, SiTs and the troops were paid off. But, I just wanna say thank you again to all of the people that have put the work in and attended the mm finals. Love you guys and don’t freeze up!

Purple: Well, I’m really proud of our win we’ve worked so hard to get there and I’m really happy that our efforts helped us win March Madness. And we can forget the fact that we won 2 years in a row and that’s just amazing. I’m proud to be an Ice Warrior :IWinfiniteDab: :MarchMadness2021: Last thing I wanna say :yeetacp: . IW ON TOP !!


IW dominating in the overtime room!


Dany: How do you feel about the growth and recent victories and top ones that IW has been getting this pasts week?

Owlita: it’s been awesome!! I know how hard our staff works and seeing proof of that through the victories has been really rewarding.


Now… It is time to interrogate the so accused Furry within the Walls of the Ice Warriors Kindom.


Dany: How do you feel about the recent drama on Abi being accused of being a Furry?

DrQueen: pulls up a chair and puts on glasses So I don’t know what you mean about accusations?!??! It’s just simply true? Why you may ask? So typically every weekend, Abi and I play Fortnite together to secure some duo wins. Every time we play Fortnite she’s obsessed with those chickens. I want to kill them but she wants them. She says I must “be one with the chicken” and I was like :nw_dogscared: What if Abi is PART chicken? Is this why she loves those chickens so much? As well, she saw someone wear a chicken outfit on Fortnite and she was like “I WANT ITTTTTTT” and I’m like why? and she goes because it’s cool. So, chickens can be furry right? but this one Chicken skin on Fortnite was REALLY furry. and so, I agree with the statement of Abi being a furry, because IT’S TRUE. Look at this picture down below, she even agrees to it!!

Even Abi herself confirms she is a furry


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  1. Nice article homie, Abi is definitely a furry. No doubt.

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  2. Abi is such a furry

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  3. I’m not a furry!!

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