Did somebody say….Chaos?

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to start this post lol, but you know, imma figure it out as we go. Instead of this post having any sort of structure, I shall just write what I feel, so go grab your popcorn and lets go on a ride.

So I know the burning question everybody is asking is “Orange!! Why are you so amazing? What is your secret?” And to answer this question, I honestly do not know. I was just born this way I guess. Another question you might be asking though is “Orange, why are you retiring?” And there’s a lot of different ways I can answer this. The primary reason however is that I am at the point in my life where I need to focus on real life. A lot of events occurred in my life within the past two months that made me realize that I need to go back to the real world completely. It was a very tough decision because I know I am going to miss this community, but ultimately it’s what’s best for me right now.

I’m not going to go over every single detail of my CPA journey, but I shall informally share some. I joined armies back in 2012 when I was 11 years old and little did I know that I would be here for almost 9 more years. Over the years I have met so many amazing people and have made so many amazing memories. I wanna discuss some of the amazing memories I made and leave off with some words of advice for you guys.

I left armies “for good” back in 2016 and was completely away for about three years until one day where my best friend Owl messaged me saying how people were trying to bring back Chaos. Initially, I thought this was hilarious. “Armies coming back? LMAO” was what I thought to myself. However, a month later, I found myself bringing back Chaos alongside Owl and Zero for one last run. Haha oops.

I had no idea what to expect for this last run with Chaos, however, it ended up being one of the best things I could have done because it helped me reconnect with so many people that I grew up with years ago. Specifically, I was able to reconnect with Steph and Chris who over the course of the last year have became two of my best friends and I am so thankful that Chaos brought us together. This generation proved to be so successful as we achieved so much in a short period of time.

The last generation of Chaos was really fun and afterwards I joined ACP for a bit. Though my time in ACP was brief, I did enjoy the many memories I made in it. I know a lot of people from there don’t like how I left, but I understand and it’s okay to not like me for it. I’m glad that I was able to maintain my friendships with people like Kailey and Zelly and hope everybody else thereis doing great.

I joined Ice Warriors in last July and from the beginning I loved it. Even though I was new, everybody welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I had been there forever which is something I really appreciated. Originally, I was going to be in IW only for the rest of the summer, however I enjoyed my time there so much, I decided to stay a little longer (as in like 8 months longer oops). In Ice Warriors I was once again able to reconnect with many old friends such as Madhav, Flamez, and Ben and made many many many new friends.

I can definitely say that the Ice Warriors staff is filled with the best, hardest working, and kindest people I have met. From all the hours we would spend on messing around on VC to the times where staff would attack me for being a “clown” and a “simp” (shout out to Purple and Abi, even tho I am neither smh), I enjoyed all my time with the Ice Warriors staff. Oftentimes, people credit the leaders for the strength of an army, however we would be no where without the hundreds of hours our staff put in so thank you guys so much for all of that. Ice Family is the best family ❤

In IW, we achieved so much together. While I was here, we have been undefeated in war, won March Madness (twice lmaoo), maxed 100+ many times, and have been first on the major top ten for a long period of time. We were able to seamlessly switch to HTML CPR and still dominate when many people though we wouldn’t. Keep up the great work guys and make this summer amazing! I have been lucky to be involved within our SIT program and there’s so many SITs that have been doing amazing, I know IW has a great future ahead of us with all you guys.

Also, outside of armies, I was involved pretty heavily with the media/league side of things and here I was also able to make a lot of memories, with my favorite memory being me yelling at Ayan for his horrendous CPAM top ten during Chaos’s first week back (love ya Ayan). CPAM/CPAH/CPAHQ were all great in their own ways and I am glad that I was involved with all of them.

Now I am going to do everybody’s favorite part of every retirement post, the shout outs!!! I have so so so so so many people to write about so I am very sorry if I forget to write your name. However I am going to give it my best shot to write about the people that have truly shaped my past year here so here we go!

Big Thank You’s too…

Owl: How could I not write your name first. I remember when I met you back in 2012 in the Patriots and from there we have done so much together. We dominated the S/M scene with Chaos for years and you’ve always been like an older sister to me. I know I was your annoying little brother for the longest but I am glad you’ve forgiven me LOL and hope that we can continue to be amazing friends.

Lemon: It’s so crazy to think we go back almost 9 years, but I am extremely glad we reconnected (Lets forget my first DM to you tho LMAO). I am so glad that you got onto the IW Hall of Fame because you deserve it more than anybody else. I love all the times we have spent on VC telling stories, roasting Chris, and just listening to me rant. I am definitely going to enjoy struggling in engineering with you for another two years haha. Thank you for being someone I can talk to about anything to and I am looking forward to continue our friendship (road trip??)

Chris: What’s poppinnnn bro. I remember when we initially met in Chaos and we weren’t too close (because you were too busy simping…) but ever since you came back we have been extremely tight and I am so grateful for that. Those late night VCs where we would sing songs together and spend hours recruiting on CPR were so much fun. You are one of the most genuine people I have met, never change man. I know that we are going to continue being best bros going forward, love ya broski.

Mare: Where do I even start with you LMAO I remember when we first met in IW and we didn’t really speak too much. I’m honestly not sure what led us to becoming so close, but I am so glad that we got as close as we did because you quickly became my best friend. I love all the spotify parties, VCs, and late night talks we have had. You are so funny, real, and kind and I really enjoy talking to you so much (even if you’re from a fake state smh). You are one of the best people I met and I know we are going to continue being the best of friends moving forward.

DrQueen: Ahh DrQueen, I remember when I was given my first SIT group to be in charge of and quickly I knew that you were special. You would annoy me with so many questions, but I am glad you did because you soon became my partner in crime. I trusted you with Water Ninjas and you helped bring it the best generation in its history and I am so thankful for that. I can’t wait to see you lead Ice Warriors one day because I know you are going to be amazing.

Alex: I remember when I first met you and you were one of the sweetest and kindest people I had met. Then, quickly you became one of the meanest people to me LOL jk, honestly I am so thankful for meeting you because you have helped me a lot with stuff IRL that will definitely go a long way. You are one of the most determined and talented people I have met and I am so glad we got a chance to lead together.

Clindsz: Miss Clinda, girl with that $75k computer setup. I remember when we first met frfr on VC which I am so embarrassed by ngl LOL anyways though you are honestly so kind and so funny and I am glad that we got really close. You give really good advice so thank you for that. Once I get my switch tho, imma destroy you at Super Smash just wait.

Aly: Honestly I hate you. Jk, anyways, you were definitely the first new person I got close to in IW and I remember all those late late night VCs where you would tell me so many stories and where we would make IW main chat so much fun. I really miss those times because of how simple and fun everything was. Thank you for being one of my best friends!

Flamez: I remember when I knew you back in OG armies, I was lowkey scared of you LMAO (please no treaty pls). But ever since I joined Ice Warriors, I have gained so much respect for you. You do so much for this army that people on the outside do not see, but you are honestly one of the best leaders I have ever led with. Enjoy retirement man, you definitely earned it.

Madhav: Madame Hav hello hi I owe a huge thanks to you because you really influenced me into joining Ice Warriors which ended up being an amazing decision. You are one of the best recruiters and leaders in this community and was definitely snubbed out of being legend though we all know you really deserved it. Thanks for being an awesome friend for all these years!

Iceyfeet: Sir Feet, when I first joined armies I remember hearing about the “legendary” Iceyfeet. Little me thought I could never speak to you let alone lead your army with you, but 9 years later look where we are. You are 100% the best leader this community has ever seen and you are the reason why IW has thrived on CPO, CPA, and CPR. Whatever the challenges are, you always overcome them.

Law: We were LIT buddies for what seemed like so long. We did amazing work as LITs together, and arguably have surpassed all of that with what we have done as leaders. It sucks that our leadership had to end a little early, but I know you are a tremendous leader, keep up the amazing work.

Erick: You are one of the best battle leaders out there. During battles, you were definitely my favorite person to lead alongside because I felt like we had an unmatched chemistry. Our speed and teamwork defeated so many armies and our big word bubbles amazing. It was a pleasure leading with you.

Crisy: When I first joined IW and you were on break, I remember all the troops would ALWAYS talk about you and I was always curious. I am so glad you rejoined because you have been one of the best HCOM members for this army. You do so much for the army and honestly even though you are my “Lil”, I personally have learned so much from you and respect you so much for always being there for everybody.

Kristina: Noobtina! I mean Kantspella! I am so glad you joined Ice Warriors, I knew you would be amazing in IW, and you have been more than just amazing. You do so so so much for the army and there’s a reason why so many troops look up to you. Outside of armies, you have been an amazing friend to me and thank you for always looking out for me. You are an awesome, caring, loving person Kris, thanks for always being there.

Kally, IceQueen, and Freedomist: As I mentioned with DrQueen earlier, I am so so so so so thankful that you three helped bring the best generation for the Water Ninjas. I saw how hard you guys worked for this army and it speaks volumes that you guys were able to make WN bigger than so many major armies. You three are phenomenal leaders and I can’t wait for you three to be IW leaders together one day.

Abi and Purple: You two have been two of the best staff members the moment you guys got staff. Abi, you have always amazed me with how fast you were able to learn things and master them so quickly. Purple, your persistence to always get better and work ethic has made me respect you so much. You two simpettes are the future of IW and I cannot wait for you guys to get trusted. Even though you guys bully me, you know I am always here for y’all if you need any advice.

Mel/Kandy: ……LOL JK anyways I am really glad we reconnected after all these years and I really enjoyed talking to you while in Chaos and even now even though you really know how to annoy me (you do it better than no other!) You are such a talented person, keep up the amazing work.

Crazzy: I am extremely lucky that I got the chance to work with you in BIA and CPAH because that led to us getting really close. You are by far one of the smartest people in this community (ty for the hw help) and you became one of my closest friends over the past year. That doxxing situation was a roller coaster ride for the both of us, but I am so happy we both got through it together.

Ayan: When I first met you, I hated you. Not even gonna exaggerate because I’m sure you felt the same way about me LMAO. However, I soon realized that you were a really good person and I am glad that we eventually got really close. Your work with CPAM and HF has been spectacular. Just please no more pickup lines please.

Kailey: Clonwley, Kale, Local Clown, Kookie, Loser, whatever nickname you go by, you are honestly one of the most fun people to talk to and I am glad we kept our friendship strong even after I left ACP. I have enjoyed all the Juice WRLD spotify parties and singing VCs we have had, thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and looking out for me, I really appreciate it. I have no idea how they haven’t give you 2ic yet because you’re literally the lungs of the army. Don’t stop being a clown!

Sophie: When we were CPAH VPs together, I felt like we were a dream team. CPAH was definitely at its peak media wise when me and you were admins and we made awards week the best it could have ever been. It’s really upsetting what ended up happening that cut our run short, but I know we would have done great things together. Since then, you’ve been one of my best friends and I am really glad that you’re always there for me.

Funks: You were one of the first leaders of ACP when I joined and I was always happy that you looked out for me back then. Since coming back, we got so much closer and together we have gotten a lot of good work done in the media. Our amazing top ten formula has been used pretty much all year and will continued to be used. Love ya Funks!

Lucifer: I am happy I got you your interview with Justinfortsa otherwise you probably would have been fired from CPOAL. Haha anyways, thanks dude for being an amazing friend, you’ve always been someone I really enjoy talking to and you never fail to make me laugh. Working together in CPAH was a blast and I wish you the best of luck in life.

Zelly: Zellllllllllyyyyyyyy you are one of the most passionate, dedicated, hard working people I know. You are also so caring and I respect you so much, Thank you for all the profile pictures you made for me. I am glad that we kept our friendship after I left ACP and you don’t know how much I appreciate you for that. Thank you so much.

Quick Thank You’s to…































Supa Em



Every IW/Chaos Troop out there ❤

Sorry if I forgot you, there was just so many people. But even if I didn’t write your name, know that I appreciate you!

Before I end my post, I want to end with a few words of advice. If you made it this far, I hope if there’s anything you take away from this post, it’s what I am about to say. Over my last 9 years of being here I’ve learned so much, not only about this community, but myself as well. I always used to ask myself: “Why? Why am I doing this?” And I realized I am not here for the “glory” or to “accomplish accolades” because in reality, years from now nobody is going to care nor remember what you did for a club penguin army. Time is so valuable and you need to make you spend your time the way you want to. You should spend your time enjoying every moment and putting yourself in the position to be happy. And I realized that the reason I was here was to make memories with all the amazing people on this platform.

There’s no point of taking this community too seriously or putting too much stress on yourself. Make sure you enjoy every moment while you are here and be nice to the people around you because your kind words can really make somebody else’s day. Why spend time arguing about club penguin when you can enjoy playing this game with your close friends instead? Don’t cut off friendships because somebody joins an army you don’t like because at the end of the day this is just a game. don’t let a game overvalue your friendship with someone. At the end of the day, we are all human so make sure you treat people the way you want to be treated because we all have feelings. Over the past year I have met so many people that I plan on continuing my friendships with for a long time and I am so thankful for that. I have no regrets for how I spent my time here and make sure that’s something you can say when it’s all said and done.

That being said, that’s all I have for this post. This has been an amazing ride, and my time is over. It’s time for the new era of Ice Warriors and I believe this army can and will continue to grow and prosper. You guys will be amazing. After I publish this post, I am going to be going off of discord for a few days later today, but I will be back soon. I promise I will do my best to respond to all the DMs sent (You guys know how bad I am with DMs oops). Thank you for all the messages that have been sent to me, it is something I appreciate so much. Thank you for giving me this send off and I will see you all very soon. So for one last time…

~Here Comes Chaos

~Don’t Freeze Up


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  1. Ily Orange!! Im really going to miss youu <\3

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  3. ?afk crying

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  4. Im gonna miss you orange 😦




  6. Even though im not really in IW or havent really spoken to you other than calling you a cowboy :redface: im honored to have met you sir texan orange :salute: have a good retirement!!


  7. Will miss you Orange <333
    PS: WOK beat yo ass xoxoxo




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