Fan Art Friday #24

Good morning/Good Afternoon and Good Evening my favorite penguins!

Welcome to another edition of Fan Art Friday! In fact, this week is the 24th edition! Can you believe that? We have so many of our amazing troops submitting artwork, it gets better and better every week! As this week comes to an end, I have sought out many beautiful artworks, from mermaids and to penguins! Keep reading to see what our troops were up to this week!

The first drawing we have is from our Head General, ReddyRed! A drawing for Pinguin.

Nathan: What inspired you to make this?

ReddyRed: This is a drawing I made for my best friend p1nguino8. One of my best but ok. She LOVES penguins and IW, so I knew what to make her!

The next drawing is a super cool set of cat sketches from another Head General, Mantaray!

Nathan: What inspired you to make this?

Mantaray: Those are just warm-up sketches. I was in the mood to draw something, so I started out with cats.

Here’s an amazing pirate ship from our private, The Ghost Pirate!

Nathan: What inspired you to make this?

Ghost: This warship, The Golden Rogue’s Revenge, inspired me to draw the same style of Black Pearl from Pirate Of The Caribbean, this warship is captained by the Golden Skeleton, Captain Goldey Skullheart. The New Warship was originally frigate & galleon in mixed. 

This pirate ship is almost big as the Man O’War! It is 55 meters big!  Also, Goldey Skullheart would allow you (the fans in ice warriors) to visit his ship or to become his crews, welcome board lads!

Here we have an amazing drawing of Spinels from our star Private First Class, SkylorLook at those bendy arms!

Our ally, Starrrr, shows an Ice Warriors penguin with a Rebel Penguin Federation penguin!

Nathan: What inspired you to make this?

Starrrr: Cause RPF and IW seem like they’ve been allies for ages, so I decided to make an art of it :), ‘ll probably do a pic of all the allies someday 😄

Last but not least, we have a beautiful mermaid blue diamond from our favorite movie host, Subster!

Nathan: What inspired you to make this?

Subster: Well I’m doing a lot of mermaid-themed art for the mermaid art challenge! Blue diamond being my favorite character (as everyone knows I love to draw her) I drew her as a mermaid! I did another mermaid drawing of her for last year’s Mermaid too but I love this version much more!!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday!! Make sure to post your beautiful artwork in #fan-art for a chance to be featured in next week’s Fan Art Friday!

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  1. Amazing artwork as usual uwu


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