Sunday Funday Games #3

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It seems like you guys have been liking our Sunday Funday posts and well, here’s another one! Keep reading for some riddles, put together by HeadChicken and myself! I suggest printing out today’s quizzes, so you can solve them easier!

First off, we have a medium-skill level Sudoku for you to solve! Sudoku is a number riddle that consists of a grid with 9×9 spaces. Each row, column, and square (9 spaces each) needs to be filled out with the numbers 1-9, without repeating any numbers within the row, column, or square. Once every square is filled out, you are done! It took me around 8 minutes to solve this! Can you beat my time?

Next up, we have HeadChicken’s version of Where’s Waldo, including some of our staff members.

Can you find Trusted Staff Member, Bean (CPR Name: Ben the qt) in this photo?

Can you find IW Creator, Iceyfeet1234 (CPR Name: Iceyfeet IW) in this photo?

Can you find Staff Member, Five (CPR Name: Fivee) in this photo?

For our last game for this edition of Sunday Funday, we have a complicated crossword puzzle! Do you think you will be able to solve it? Try it out yourself and good luck! If you need any hints, let us know!

DM me (kally#0001) your fully solved crossword and I’ll send some extra snowflakes your way!

Click to enlarge!

That’s it for this edition of Sunday Funday Games, we hope you all had fun and we’ll see you next time! As always…


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