IW Graphics Tournament: Round 2 Results & Round 3 Theme!

Hey Graphics Crew!

The Second Round has already rolled by! Another round of amazing submissions, which you will be able to find in another post, labeled “IW Graphics Tournament: Round 2 Submissions” to keep this post as short and informative as possible!

Amazing job to everybody who submitted their artwork in Round 2! The judges took their time deliberating and discussing, and you can find the bracket for Round 3 below!

Congratulations to everybody who is moving to the next round! The tournament certainly isn’t getting any easier… And here is your next assignment!

Round 3 Theme: Your own army banner!

Deadline: Thursday, July 22nd, 11:59PM EST (no extensions!)

For Round 3, your assignment is to create an imaginary army banner! If you were to create an army, what would it look like? Show us some creativity! As always, you have 4 days, and once you are done, please submit the GFX to @kally#0001 in DMs. The judges will deliberate on Friday, and the semi-finals will be announced on Saturday!

Best of luck and get to creating!


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