Fan Art Friday #39

Hello Ice Warriors! I hope that you’ve all had a great week, and enjoy your weekend of rest!

Welcome back to another edition of Fan Art Friday, where we take a look in the fan art channel to see all of our artists’ amazing pieces of work! It’s no secret that the Ice Warriors are full of talent, and in this article, we’ll be exploring some more incredible pieces of art!

First up, we have this amazing drawing by our Head General lxvi! They drew the character Tomioka from Demon Slayer!

Kristina: What inspired you to start drawing?

Lxvi: Ye um so it started when I saw people drawing and posted them in the fan art channel and i got inspired my theme and voila look at me now, a good artist.

Our next piece of artwork was created by Al, our former staff member!

Kristina: I was wondering what you used to draw it and tell me a bit about who it is!

Al: Well, I used ibis paint x on mobile as per usual, I traced an image of Gnf (georgenotfound) as he and the rest of the Dream smp has gotten me through a lot, I made it while out for fun! It ended up turning out really well and I’m proud of it 🙂 I’ve made 2 more like this but I’m glad that this one in particular has gotten onto fan art friday as George is one of my favourite members :)))

Thirdly, we have our sergeant Smelly, with this drawing of his Roblox avatar eating beans!

Kristina: I love how kind of unusual the idea for this piece is, what made you think of it?

Smelly: I like beans since I was raised eating beans, so I made my roblox smellybeanso and made the avatar eat beans.

Finally, we have a truly incredible piece by our staff in training Swirl! Honestly, I shed a tear when I saw this drawing because of how impressed I was by it.

Kristina: What was the inspiration behind your drawing?

Swirl: My inspiration behind it was when i saw this drawing of a circle. So i decided to use my smart intellectual brain of mine, and draw lines on a circle to make a body. But of course this drawing took months to make but now it’s complete and i can finally show my true artistic talents.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these amazing pieces of art as much as I did! If you want your art to be in our next Fan Art Friday, make sure to post it in our #fan-art channel! Every piece of art in there is incredible, and everyone is so talented.

Have an amazing weekend everyone, and make sure to attend our huge BIA battle in #ultimate-bia-showdown! Don’t freeze up ❤


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  1. This is beautiful just beautiful


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