Troop/Staff Member of the Week: April 24th, 2022

Hewwo Ice Warriors :3

We are back!! We’ve had our first event on CPAB today and we’re back in action to take over penguin island >:3. But while the penguins were away we’ve still seen many of you guys trying your best to help out with hosting games and keeping stuff active and fun! Here are some of the people who did the most last week 🥰

Troop of the Week: Gh0st

Staff Member of the Week: Mogi

Gh0st was just double promoted to Marshal at our promo party earlier!! They’ve been a member of the army for some time now and has been active in our main chat and stopping by our game events while the club penguin events were on hold. Your efforts have been noticed Gh0st, congrats on earning Troop of the Week :3 

Mogi has been doing his best this past week with helping out with hosting games! He’s been a huge help by giving our troops and staff members opportunities to relax and play some games be it on roblox or on discord. Thank you for all of your hard work Mogi, you’ve definitely earned the rank of Staff Member of the Week this week!  

Now that we’re shifting back to club penguin events we’ll be on the look out for more people working hard this week! If you wanna be up here next week make sure to give it your all in being active and helping out and you might just be here! If you see Mogi and Gh0st around make sure to tell ’em congrats! See you guys on the battleground~


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