Ice Warriors: CPA Status

As of 13/03/2023 Ice Warriors will be ceasing its operations as a Club Penguin Army. We will be transitioning into a Gaming / Club Penguin Hangout server.

Due to the recent turn of events that many of you are aware of, the Ice Warriors’ Leadership and Advisory team have decided that it is in Ice Warriors’ best interests to shut down as a Club Penguin Army.

Our Gaming and Community events will continue running as normal. With this transition, we plan to have even more game events with promo points so that you are still able to rank up as normal on the discord server! If you haven’t already, remember to get your game roles from the #role-menu discord channel!

Thank you to every single one of you who has supported Ice Warriors throughout our entire CPA journey in the CPPS era. If you have any questions, please send me a DM on discord.

❄️💙love you all forever and always, don’t forget to love yourselves 💙❄️

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