Christmas Chaos X Semi-Finals vs DCP [EU] RESULTS!

❄️ Ice Warriors ❄️

Without a doubt, we’ve showed that with hard work everything is possible. We’ve showed this community why we are one of the best armies, if not the best. Together we were able to pull over 110+ penguins online. Amazing job everyone, we can’t be more proud. The next week are the finals, this time against our brother allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation. The great Black Ice Alliance Finals finally will happen and it was just because of everyone’s hard work.

Today we logged on Alaska for the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals against the Doritos of Club Penguin. After a close battle we were able to show how strong we are, and soon stronger.

Max: 114

Results… + Summary

Ice Warriors Victory

We’re truly the DCP destroyers. GG


Battle Pictures

Make sure to check out our discord for the next big events!

Kings Never Die

4 Responses

  1. Ice Victory!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. so proud of everybody who came! ❤

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  3. We bonked and crushed those Doritos ayyy. IW best fam 💙💜


  4. Bonk DCP for days m8


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