Sub Zero Standard #6 [12/06/20-12/12/20]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! We have an amazing week behind us, and we even got first in last week’s Top Ten placement! Keep reading for a brief recap and this week’s highlight!!:candycane~1:


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CCX Quarter Finals vs Pizza Federation

Max: 86

We started our week with a fierce tournament battle! The Pizza Federation put up a good fight, but our size was unbeatable and we won the battle 3-0!

Santa Themed Formations Training

Max: 70

On Monday, we logged on to CPArmies Sub Zero for some training, dressed up as Santa! We tried out a bunch of new forms to prepare for our upcoming semi-finals in the CCX against the Doritos!

1st Divisional Practice Battle

Max: 61

Tuesday’s event was another heated divisional battle! Our divisions, Blizzard and Polar fought fiercely against each other, but in the end, Blizzard came out victorious!

2nd Divisional Practice Battle vs Island Invaders

Max: 53

The following day, we had another divisional battle, this time with the Island Invaders! There were a lot of fun tactics, and once again, Blizzard took home the win!


Thursday was our day off and amongst games such as Among Us and Roblox, the Higher Command and the Leaders decided to test their war skills in ATWAR! SLA FOREVER! Keep reading for more pics!!

[AUSIA] Practice battle vs Dark Champions

AUSIA Max: 57

On Friday, we prepped for Christmas Chaos with a friendly practice battle with the Dark Champions!! We won the battle 3-0!

Elf Takeover Practice Battle vs SWAT

Max: 73

For Friday’s second event, we battled against SWAT as elves! Once again, a 3-0 for the Ice Warriors!

Christmas Chaos Training

Max: 71

On Saturday, we held a last mandatory training before our semi-finals against the Doritos! Get ready to battle stinky Doritos, try not to freeze up 😉

Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

This week, we had 5 promotions!

First off, Freedomist was promoted to Command Officer! :reindeerdance:

Abi, Roman, and Chevy were promoted to full staff members! :app_hearts:

Panini was promoted to Second in Command! :PinkHeart~1:

Our Staff Members of the Week were Freedomist and Turbo and our lovely Troop of the Week was Grace!

Make sure to congratulate everybody in the main-chat when you see them!

Highlight of the Week

This week’s highlight was certainly our Civil War! The idea started off innocent, but days before the actual battle, secret alliances already started forming… Here are some of the highlights! In the end, the Leaders (SLA) won, of course. :E7~1:


What did you guys think of this week? Are you ready to bonk DCP at the CCX? Remember to leave a comment down below! 

Make sure to check #events-information for our next events! ❤



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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    ILY ALL 💙💜

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  2. Someone help me playing ATWAR


  3. wait where’s the part where the leaders got to pre-pick their countries.. :kermitsip:


  4. Another great week at IW!! Congrats to everyone who got promos!! Let’s make this week even better!!


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