Club Penguin Rewritten – Holiday Preparation Update!

Hey IW!

Today Club Penguin Rewritten released an update to prepare for the holidays! Let’s take a look at what this update has to offer.

With this update, we have a brand new clothing catalog! Let’s take a look at where each hidden item is this month.

In this catalog, there are 2 special hidden items, snow shoes, and a snowsuit. Put them on and press D to do a special action! You can now make snow angels in club penguin, how cute is that?

There’s also a brand new Snow & Sports catalog! Unfortunately, there are no hidden cheats in this one so ill leave it to you guys to check it out on your own! 

The play “A Humbug Holiday” is back at the stage! Head over there and buy some costumes and reenact this traditional play, based on the movie “A Christmas Carol”.

Head to the lighthouse beacon! You can now see Rockhopper’s ship nearing the island, full of Holiday goodies and cheer for us penguins! All over the island, there are boxes of decorations being set up for the big holiday update!

And finally, we have the beloved Advent calendar, located at the Forest! We cant access it yet but on December 14th, the first window of the calendar will open up! I wonder what we’ll get this year.

Are you all excited for the fully released Holiday update? What do you think Rockhopper will bring to the island this year? Comment your thoughts below, we love to hear them!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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