Q&A: How does Alex finesse all these bells?

Happy Wednesday Ice Warriors!

Some of you have asked me, “DrQueen, why do you like writing the Q and A articles so much???” The reason why is because there is more to a person than just a ranking in IW, so why not ask some funny questions to really get to know them and their personality? The laughs and the friendships I have made because of this have been remarkable! In this week’s edition, I set sail on Rockhopper’s ship to find out your questions!! What questions did I ask and who did I interview? Read down more below!

DrQueen: IceQueen, how did your famous saying “oh my days” originate and how did you get the entire IW staff team to say it, including Icey??? :sus:

IceQueen: I have no idea where it originated from but it’s something I say in surprise, shock, or when something amazing happens :xd:. I don’t realize how often I actually do say it, but I guess I do say it quite ALOT in VCs so everyone started noticing it. Icey started saying it too LOL and made the ‘OH MY DAYS’ graphic and posted it after an Ice Warriors event! Roman also made this sticker :OhMyDays: and then it just blew up :hehe:, OH MY DAYS! :tlFHeartBlue: :elsa: :glowheart~1:


Icey yelling oh my days & IW staff members chanting the “Oh my days” flashing emote in staff chat!!


DrQueen: Is cereal considered soup?

Levelz: Soup is like a liquid with things in it that are eaten in a bowl and cereal is basically the same thing so I’d say cereal is considered a soup

Panini:  For something to be considered a soup it must be hot but if you were to heat the milk up with the cereal it would be soup SADLY :E8:

Purple: Umm good question, I don’t think cereal can be considered a soup. You basically eat your cereal for breakfast and it’s weird if you like eat soup in the morning also you eat your cereal cold not hot :verywary~1: . So cereal isn’t a soup. :IWwaiting:


DrQueen: How does Alex finesse all these bells? (Animal Crossing Reference) 

Alex: Well :waiting: let me tell ya how I am now a BELL-IONAIRE on Animal Crossing!

It first started out very innocently, I got my game and was a broke bleep. My friends donated their hard-earned coin to me (shoutout to Chris, Subster, and Quinn for the bells and furniture, true homies). For a good week or so I begged our troops, allies, and the CPAH community for bells via tactics and comments on all the servers.
THEN our lovely staff member Maya DMed me saying she was RICH, and I mean RICH RICH, and offered to donate her bells to the poor (me). I went over to her island and this girl was RIIIIICHHHH RIIIIICHHH. She had millions of bells waiting at the gates of her island for me to pick up.
She later told me her secret to getting so many bells :shifty: (twitch) and I have since shared those techniques with my friends (the ones who donated to me when I was poor). So not we are all RICH RICH, my bank account as 999,999,999 bells in it currently because that is the most the game will allow.

If anyone wants bells hit me up, I’m feeling charitable! xoxo

Chris: False, don’t listen to her, she stole them all from me!!!!!

Real-life footage of Alex asking for bells during events and in #main-chat


And there you have it!!! Do you think cereal is considered a soup? Will we all start to begin using the term “oh my days” in our everyday language? WILL ALEX REALLY SHARE ALL HER BELLS?!?!?!? The world may never know….so comment down below on what you think!!!

Got any questions for next week’s Q and A article? Please DM me or comment down below if you wanna see your question featured in next week’s article!

Huge shoutout to everyone who worked hard this week to make IW victorious in the semi-finals CCX tournament!! Let us win this last one!!!! :devil_blue: Make sure to react in #christmas-chaos

Don’t Freeze up!! 


IW Trusted Staff Member

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