Troop and Staff Member of the Week: January 18th 2021

Hey Ice Warriors! :blueheart~2:

Another Monday, and it’s time for brand new Troop and Staff Member of the week! Who could it be this week? 

Troop of the Week: Gavin!

Gavin is a long-time member of the Ice Warriors and is currently at the Head General rank! Ever since our switch to less war and more games, he has been one of our most active troops and attends a huge amount of game events that we have! Everybody that knows him, has probably already seen his awesome Minecraft skin as well! Congrats Gavin, you truly deserve it!

Staff Member of the Week: Krosive!

Who’s Joe? Is it Kro? Wanna play Fortnite?

Where do you even start with Krosive… On November 2nd, he already snatched the role of Troop of the Week, and now, just two months later he’ll also receive the honour of being Staff Member of the Week! Krosive always attends events and helps host them as well! Congrats Kro!

Possibly his reaction to this announcement

Make sure to congratulate Gavin and Krosive when you see them on main chat!

Remember to check #events-information for our next event!

:aesthHeart2: TPWK! :aesthHeart2:

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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