A Day in the Life of a Fun Event Planner

Hey Ice Warriors!

As you are all aware, Flash player has come to an end. Considering that many games used to run exclusively on Flash, a large amount of them have now closed down, such as Club Penguin Armies or CPA for short. The Ice Warriors used to hold events on said server and therefore, for the time being, have been left homeless, with no game for Club Penguin (yet).

One of our last events on Club Penguin Armies

However, as you may have noticed, we have not put all events on a complete halt. A group of staff members, called “Fun Event Planners,” was formed, who have been working around the clock to keep us all entertained, while we wait to return to Club Penguin. There is something for everyone, games such as Minecraft, Skribbl.io, Roblox, Fortnite, Among Us, Kahoot, and more fun events, such as movie nights and karaoke.

Screenshot from the latest Minecraft building contest

We took the time to sit down with a few of the most active ‘Fun Event Planners’ and ask them, how they go about delivering all this fun every day of the week.

Turbo: Hello event planners, what’s up? We were wondering if you could tell us how your day usually goes when planning events for ice warriors?

IceQueen: Hi Turbo! It usually starts with discussing with the Event Plan team on what events we would like to have that day. We try to make each day different to give variety and to keep the troops interested in coming to the fun events. We also need to consider the different timezones, so we make sure to plan forward and have both AUSIA and US/EU events throughout the week.

Blushock: Thank you for the interview Turbo! As a party planner, I often wake up to a flurry of DMs, even with my horrible sleeping schedule,  I have to figure out timings for some of the upcoming events and which events will have what rewards, and truth be told, it’s a lot of fun. I also have a role in figuring out what games we will introduce, so I can make IW more expansive. Definitely glad I took this position. :eh:

Rein: Usually I speak to Kally or IceQueen about when we have events, if we plan it earlier then I choose a game with a big lobby, like Outlaster. After that I whitelist troops, if needed, then send the link out 5 minutes before the event starts, after every event, we post our usernames in a channel called #roblox-event-attendance. Yes, we check :shifty:

One of the beloved Among Us events, hosted by Blushock & IceQueen

We moved on to discuss some of their preferred games to hold events on.

IceQueen: My personal favourite game to hold is Among Us, as it’s very popular within Ice Warriors and it’s fun to take part in myself and easy to organise. My next best would be Skribbl.io as we can create custom words and it’s super interactive, the drawings everyone makes are always super entertaining! However, my all-time favourite activity to host is Karaoke as it always gives such good vibes and energy! #KARAOKEQUEEN

Blushock: Among Us, because it is easy to learn and popular. Also, I’m really good at it XD

Rein: I like minigames since it’s more fun to play, but it looks like others like shooting games more. I like minigames more since it contains teamwork.  I also love mystery games, games where u can’t trust no one but still have to work together.

Skribbl.io with the Ice Warriors!

Finally, I was also very curious about how much success they have had so far while hosting these events.

IceQueen: This week in particular has been super successful with fun events. We are on break from Club Penguin events until the HTML5 version is released, so we’ve had a lot of time to host different game events. It’s made troops a lot more engaged in the server! Among Us, Kahoot and Skribbl.io so far in my opinion have all had a pretty good turnout of troops attending. Also, due to the January Puzzle Hunt, there are so many prizes up for grabs for when you attend events, this has been a major drive in the number of participants at our events!

Blushock: Among Us has been successful, but I have much work to do for Town Of Salem, Karaoke, and Team Fortress 2. I have some ideas, though.

Rein: I’ve hosted 3 games and the one that was the best was Arsenal (Roblox), since the server was almost full somehow, and it seemed like everyone liked it.

And that concludes this week’s edition of “A Day In The Life Of”. We hope you enjoy all the fun events we are hosting daily to keep you occupied while we wait for Club Penguin Rewritten. You can find them all in the Games Center channel! Remember that by attending, you win a puzzle piece which can be exchanged later on for a long list of rewards! Until next time…


Ice Warriors Staff Member

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  1. Amazing article! I love the game event pics!😄💙👑❄


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