Fan Art Friday #9

Hey Ice Warriors,

It’s time for another fan art Friday! We have a lot of wonderful artists posting their work! Let’s see some of this week’s creations. I also asked our troops what was their inspiration behind their artwork. Find out more down below!

First up we have an amazing Ice Warriors Minecraft skin by our amazing staff member, Maya.

Purple: Hey Maya, what was the inspiration behind your artwork?

Maya: Other than using my penguin in the uniform as a reference, it was just random honestly.


Next, we have an amazing fluffy squad made by our head Lieutenant, Clovini.

Purple: Hey Clovini, what was your inspiration for this amazing art?

Clovini: well while I was editing something I accidentally made two colors fade into each other and then I thought to myself, what if I made those colors into a character so I started off my fluffy squad from there I might actually add more characters into the fluffy squad.


For our third work, we have an amazing drawing by our private, Skylor1819!

Purple: Hey Skylor, what was your inspiration for this artwork?

Skylor: I was just sketching and I wanted to draw something cute, so I drew Beanie.


Next, we have an amazing ghost possessing a bag of money from our Private, Ameerpajijigaming.

Purple: Hey Ameer, what was your inspiration for your artwork?

Ameer: A streamer playing a game was my inspiration but the design was from animal crossing.


Finally, we have a little cute art from one of our corporals, Doge.

Purple: Hey Doge, I was wondering what was your inspiration for this beautiful artwork?

Doge: Uhh, to be honest, I don’t really know like I was just really bored and felt like I needed to draw something that showed the current situation so like I thought “hey I’ve drawn a lot of stuff but never actually tried drawing a human… in 3D”  so I then thought of all these lockdown restrictions, (masks and all) and tried to draw that here I tried my best to show emotion on the face lol but the mask covers most of the face so yeah… and that represents the communication flaws that can occur when there are not many expressions shown on the face, etc yeah if you’re looking solely for inspiration then it was C O V I D and the current situation.


And that is all for today! Which are your favorites? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.

If you wish for your work to be featured next time, make sure to post it on the #Fan-Art channel of the IW Discord!


Don’t Freeze Up!

Ice Warriors Staff member

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