Hello Ice Warriors!

New year, some changes. For a really good start in 2021 in our army, we came up with the idea to reform some of our symbols. You all had the chance to take part in the first design contest on our Discord server, in which you designed a new flag for our Ice Empire. The new one would replace our old flag:

The old flag made by Iceyfeet1234

As always, you have not let us down! We received so many interesting and beautiful pieces of art. The choice was so difficult – but we had to make a decision. The winner of the flag design contest is Barry! Congratulation buddy!

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie iw_flag_1.png

The victorious flag designed by Barry

Thank you all for taking part in our competition! If we could we would make all of you winners since every entry was so perfect! All of you exactly know what IW represents! Shout-out to you! Below some other amazing designs:

Made by Levelz

Made by Lemonade1s

Made by Tomaro

Made by Crisy

Made by Kayles

Made by Subster

Made by Krosive

Made by Angry

Made by Trinity

Made by IceQueen

Made by TheNathanBoy

Made by Owl

Made by qt Ben

Made by Grace

Made by Abi

Made by Deryk

Made by Doge

Made by Alucard

Made by Maya

Made by BrentKobe

Made by Shadow Doggo

Made by Yeeter

Made by Cloudy512

Made by Infinite

Made by W33B

Made by wizard143

Made by Diamond

Made by eezee

Made by Jana II

Made by Corgi

Made by Horbiflorbin

Also we had one unexpected entry from one of our ex-leaders. Guess who… 😉

Regan’s entry

That’s all for now guys! Check our Discord server for more fantastic contests!

Much love and see you around,


3 Responses

  1. Congrats Barry! Also GJ to everyone who participated


  2. Congrats Barry! Also GJ to everyone else who attended


  3. These are all awesome!


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