Trivia Thursday!!!

What’s going on Ice Warriors :Awe:

Happy Thursday! We are almost at the end of finishing our first full week of the new year. I wanted to start the year off with a new Ice Warrior’s News Center (IWNC) segment: Trivia Thursday!

Every Thursday, I will be asking a series of 5 questions on a Trivia Thursday post and the first three people to answer these 5 questions correctly in the comments section down below will win some snowflakes. :snowflake: The correct answers will be featured in next week’s Trivia Thursday post!! Are you ready for our first ever Trivia Thursday questions? Read down below to find out!!

1. What was Regan’s original username?
2. What Club Penguin event was marked as Shinde’s retirement event?
3. What three armies make up the Black Ice Alliance?
4. What year was Ice Warriors founded in?
5. What is Ice Warrior’s capital?


Do you know the answers to these trivia questions?? Comment down below your answers!! The first three people who answer it correctly will receive snowflakes!! :snowflake:

As Always, Don’t Freeze-up!!

DrQueen, Trusted Staff Member

8 Responses

  1. 3. Dark Warriors, RPF, Ice Warriors
    4. 2007
    5. Water Ninja’s


  2. Irish Warrior
    IW Retirement Event
    RPF, Swat, and IW


  3. 1. O’Regan619
    2. Ice Prom or a Pb with RPF
    3. RPF, DW and IW
    4. 2007
    5. Sub Zero


  4. 1. oregan619
    2. rpf practice battle
    3. dark warriors, rebel penguin federation, and ice warriors
    4. 2007
    5. sub zero


  5. 1: Oregan619
    2: IW vs RPF pb
    3: Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and Rebel Penguin federation.
    4: 2007
    5: SubZero


  6. 1.oregan619
    2.IW prom rpf pb battle
    3. IW RPF and DW
    5.Sub Zero


  7. 1. O’regan619
    2. Ice prom
    3. IW, DW, RPF
    5. Sub-Zero


  8. O’Regan619
    Summer Prom
    Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation


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