Q&A: Who’s Joe?

Hello Ice Warriors!

Can you believe that it’s already 2021? Say what you want about 2020, but it went by like a jet in the wind. Now that it’s over, though, I hope that you guys are taking some time to relax and think about the future. With the new year, there’s plenty of new memes and a bunch of other questions to be answered!

Blushock: Ice Warriors have had a lot of memes over the months which cover and parody all sorts of topics. Which one(s) are you most fond of and why?

Chris: Hmm, I gotta say my favorite one is definitely Orange is a simp. Not only is orange a simp, he’s also actually the BIGGEST simp I know. I also like the one regarding clindsz and her 1.5k computer that she uses ONLY for club penguin! I do have to say though she is super fast with room switches so that’s nice.

Flamez: i’d def have to say one of the older ones — my favourite is the “icey is iggy pop” meme but that didn’t catch on too well outside of the leader gc!!

Alucard: Krosive because Joe. The “ALEX SWORE IN STAFF CHAT YOU CAN’T DO THAT NOOOOOO” because it’s funny


Blushock: When you are playing as Impostor, do you prefer to go loud or quiet?

Aidan: It Depends On How The Crewmates Play The Game. If They Actually Use Facts You Would Prefer To Stay Silent. If The Crewmates Are Not As Skilled You Can Trick Them (We Did This Before). But I’m mainly loud

IceQueen: LOL that’s part of my gameplay so I can’t give that away. I guess it will remain a mystery, but if you’d like to find out, come join us in Ice Warriors when we host Among Us lobbies!

Blushock: I may prefer to go quiet, but I have had excellent games with both Aidan and IceQueen.

Ah, victory.

Blushock: We all spend a lot of time playing Club Penguin, but what Video Games do you play outside of Club Penguin?

Abi: Other video games I play apart from Club penguin hmmmm… I play a lot of minecraft! I have it both on my laptop and switch haha, Roblox is another one; I dont play it as much as I used to before but I play it to join in on our events! Fortnite! I dont know why a lot of people hate on it tbh, I dont play much mainly cus im not the best but I do play it frequently!

Freedomist: Hmmmm that’s a good one. Currently I find myself playing a lot of Hearts of Iron because I’m big into my history and strategy games


For my final question, I reached out to one of our fantastic Staff Members’s of the Week, Archie, to ask him about some of his famous sayings.

Blushock: Archie, how did you start saying “Fortnite”, “Joe”, “Poggers”, and other familiar phrases with such frequency?

Archie: Okay so I really am unsure how I started saying these phrases. Well, I guess part of it would be spending the countless hours in Mature VC with pokeshroom and Krosive, krosive with his ‘who’s joe’, which is basically how I started saying Joe plays Fortnite, Joe, joe Fortnite, etc. Yeah, I’m weird. It’s like a ritual to me. But yeah the countless hours I spent on vc with them is probably the reason I started saying it.

Kally: Archie, who’s Joe?

Archie: I am actually Joe, actually I think Blushock is. :surprised:

Got any questions for the next Q&A? Feel free to DM IW Staff or leave them down below! Finally, don’t forget to check the games center for our daily events!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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