Q&A: Have you seen Piggy Wiggle?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to the weekly Q&A! Following an exhausting takeover, the Ice Warriors may have gotten rid of the wallet-enthusiasts, but the server has not calmed down, as we now waddle back to CPRewritten. Hopefully, everybody had fun at the reopening event yesterday! This week, I briefly talked to our leaders Erick and Orange about tactics, and also reached out to Crisy for information on the still-missing Piggy Wiggle. Keep reading to find out what the staff members revealed about Staff-life as well!

If you could only use 1 tactic for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Erick: EP :EP: Puffles FTW

Orange: HMMM Well If I could do one tactic for the rest of my life it would be to press J :chefkiss:


What’s the most fun part about being staff?

Levelz: I love the community and I have a lot of friends here so for me the most fun part about being staff would be that I get to work with a lot of people I love being around :3

Owl: I personally love welcoming people!! I already love being in IW and seeing people experience for the first time is honestly really wholesome. Especially when people join and they immediately say something like “You guys are so nice!!”

Tomaro: Being staff means having discipline and being someone that people admire, but if I have to choose the best part about being staff I would definitely say that the best part is at the end of the day, because of all of the things we do, like recruiting and helping people, at the end, we know that we really did something to help someone.

Kayles: I think it would be getting to know not only the troops, but your fellow staff as well. getting to know icey sure was a blast and i’ve made really fond memories with everyone here 🙂


Hey Crisy, has anybody found Piggy Wiggle yet? :sad:

Crisy: Piggy Wiggle was last seen tied to the front of the Ice Family home. However, no one has found my Piggy Wiggle yet.

Minecrafters, have you seen Piggy Wiggle?

Alucard: I have not :Sadge:

Kris: nooo i haven’t unfortunately :ACOSP_sadpeacesign:

Levelz: No I have not seen Piggy Wiggle

Crisy, would you care to give us a detailed description of Piggy Wiggle? :pigdancing:

Crisy: He’s pink and has the prettiest eyes! He also loves carrots. Here’s a flyer for Piggy Wiggle. Someone please find him:PES_CryHands:

If you have seen Piggy Wiggle, please DM Crisy ASAP!


That’s it for this week’s Q&A! What tactic would you use? Did you expect those answers from our staff? Let us know in the comment section below!

Have a burning question for the staff/leaders that you want to see featured in next week’s Q&A? DM Kally or DrQueen!


🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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