Weekly Recap #2

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hey Ice Warriors! It’s time for another weekly recap! What did the game divisions in store for us this week? Read more to find out!


A new game division joined our server this week, with Club Penguin Rewritten making its’ big debut! The events, such as Hide & Seek and a Connect 4 Tourney, had a bunch of troops log on and play some Club Penguin. Loads of fun, who knows what the hosts have in store this week?

– Kally

Murder Mystery!


The Minecraft Team had a relaxed week with a Club Penguin themed trivia maze, filled with gruesome creatures, and a fun treasure hunt in the spawn area! Both events were a lot of fun and gave amazing prizes! Thank you to the MC mods for hosting! (but please be less frugal on the diamonds next time)

– Kally

Trivia Maze, built by Levelz and Kally


The Roblox division has always been fun and many have attended! These events include arsenal, hide and seek, and freeze tag events. The most attended and fun event was the Arsenal event, hosted by Chris and Clindz, had over 15 or so people! We played many brutal rounds such as the 4 teams and Gun rotation rounds. The most funniest part was when I dominated DrQueen. See you next round :wink:

– Bababooey

Among Us

The Among Us Division held a lot of games this week. The turnout for the among us games was large and multiple hosts were needed for rooms. I wonder who will be the next imposter, could it be you or maybe even me? Join us at the next game to find out!

– Crisy

Voice Chat Events

The Voice Chat Games division had a busy week with a total of 6 events! We had 3 Kahoots (Riddles, Club Penguin and a Music Quiz), a movie night, a Jackbox game session and Karaoke. A huge thank you to our hosts Clindsz, Burger, qtBen, IceQueen, Kally, Subster and Krosive! The riddles Kahoot was the event that had the most attendees, below is a photo of the winners! Let us know in the suggestions channel or in the comments below on what Kahoot quizzes and what VC games you’d like to see more of.

– IceQueen

Riddles Kahoot winners

Miscellaneous Games

The infamous “Misc Division” had by far the busiest week, with an event every day! They started the week with Mafia and Skribbl.io, and later on played old favourites such as AtWar and Agar.io. There was even some CrowdCity.io action and a session of Broken Picturephone! To finish off their week, they hosted a fierce Uno Tourney! What a busy, but fun week!

– Kally

Uhhh… Santa Icey?


What do you guys think? What were your favourite events of the week? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

Bababooey, Crisy, IceQueen

Weekly Recap Helpers

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  1. Conspiracy theory: Icey IS ACTUALLY Santa Claus

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