Training + Minigames Frenzy [EU]

Welcome back to another post for another event!

This Monday we logged on Abominable for a 15 minutes training and an amazing competition in CPR Minigames! Amazing job everyone and congrats to the highest scores!

Sadly, it’s needed to mention how many users got disconnected during the event… wonder why :/
Anyways here are the penguins that attended today’s event!

Max: 65


Minigames Winners / Highest Scores!

Gold = 1st Place

Silver = 2nd Place

Bronze = 3rd Place


Cart Surfer Top 3:





Pizzatron 3000 Top 3:





Aqua Grabber Top 3:



No 3rd place for this minigame : (



Event Pictures:

Make sure to check out our Discord server for the next events!

Don’t Freeze Up!


Ice Warriors Leader

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