The History of Ice Valentine’s

Disclaimer: Orange wanted a Valentine’s Day post, so here you go. Don’t blame me.

The History of Ice Valentine’s

A long long time ago, an old priest named Saint Iceyfeeticus roamed the Club Penguin island, who conducted marriage ceremonies in third-century Sub Zero. The emperor at the time was Oragne II, who then had the bright idea that his troops would make better soldiers if they were all single penguins, recruiting day in, day out.

As a result, marriage between penguins was banned, although Saint Iceyfeeticus strongly disagreed. Instead of obeying the Law, Saint Iceyfeeticus, the priest, kept conducting marriage ceremonies, allowing many young penguins across the island to get married. Contrary to Oragne’s beliefs, this actually made the troops even more motivated to attend events.

Iceyfeeticus surrounded by couples in love

Of course, the emperor was appalled by this horrific act and had the priest exiled from the Sub Zero island. Two centuries later, Pope Shinde heard of Iceyfeeticus’ work. As head of the Penguin Church, Pope Shinde decided that February 14th should be named Ice Valentine’s Day, in honour of Iceyfeeticus and his services.

Today, Ice Valentine’s Day is known as the day of love, where people send bouquets of snowflakes and cards to their Ice Valentine’s. Did you know the true history of how Ice Valentine’s came to be? Have you sent snowflakes to your Valentine already? Happy Ice Valentine’s!



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