Weekly Recap #3

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hey Ice Warriors! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are all well, let’s take a look back at this week. What games did the divisions host? Read below to find out!


This week in Ice Warriors, we hit the ground running with our revival event during which we maxed an amazing 96 penguins!!! Following that, we had a practice battle with our lovely allies, SWAT, where Ice Warriors secured the ice victory and maxed 60 penguins. We ended the week off with a fun pizza takeover event where all troops were dressed as pizza chefs and maxing 53 troops! This past Thursday, Staff member Kristina hosted an AUSIA Hide and Seek event, which turned out to be very successful. What a great week Ice Warriors had on CPR!

– DrQueen


The Minecraft Division held two fun events this week: a PvP Battle and Hide and Seek. The PvP Battle was amazing and the two hosts, Kally and Levelz put so much effort into it. They even made an impressive PvP arena. Many took part in this PvP Tournament but unfortunately only one could reign victorious. And the winner was none other than Laticals!:fast_parrot:

– Crisy


This weeks’ Roblox event was once again another fun experience! It was one of a kind too! The part where we had to switch from Outlaster to Arsenal was pretty sick if I’m being honest. The other events such as the Ausia Natural Disasters 2 and Deathrun (not so much) were a big hit! The picture of me, Clindsz, and Potato Queen proves of the fun little rivalry in Arsenal. :3

– Bababooey

Among Us

The Among Us division held a total of three events this week. Multiple hosts were needed as it’s a really popular game! So many friendships yet, u never know who you can trust in Among us. Wait a minute… :amongsus: OMG is that the impostor? Run:dogrun:

– Crisy

Voice Chat Events

This week, we didn’t have many VC games, but we had 2 movie nights hosted by myself, and we also had a Disney Kahoot, hosted by Owl and a Karaoke Night hosted by Josh! All events had pretty good attendance with 10+, except for movies with an average of 5 viewers!

– Subster

Miscellaneous Games

The beloved Miscellaneous division held four fun events this week, including Shell Shockers, Broken Picturephone and two Skribbl.io games! All events were big fun, and the BPP drawings, as always, were super funny!

– Kally


What did you guys think of this week? What’s your favourite game division? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

DrQueen, Crisy, Bababooey, Subster

Weekly Recap Helpers

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