Q&A: IW Family Tree Chaos?

What’s going on Ice Warriors,

Lately, there hasn’t been much chaos here in IW. :hmmm: There have been multiple debates about our Ice Warrior family. and what if there were a potential civil war amongst staff? Which would you choose: Noob or Bully? :chaos:

Lime Aka Bababooey: What are your thoughts on being a part of the ice family confusion?

IceQueen:hmmm: Well, the Ice Family is indeed very unique and special. I’ve got 4 parents; Icey, Dizzy, Regan, and Mare. Also since I got married to Kally. :simpfloorhearts: Some of my siblings became my nieces such as Purple, Abi, and Chevy. :xd:  Furthermore, my twin DrQueen is married to Purple. The family tree connections all really weird and funny but it all still works and the family in Ice Warriors is amazing and one like no other :EH:

Crisy: The Ice Family is huge and with this, these confusing situations are bound to happen. It occurred when I left in the summer and a new ice family was made. When I came back the way the old tree and the new one are didn’t line up. It was very confusing at first but I’ve come to accept it. After all, what matters is that we’re family and we care about each other. :tl1Heart_Blue:

Icey: yes I have the entire family tree :hmmm: and I am happy to be apart of the ice family :hmmm:

Does DrQueen (Alia Tano) marrying Purple, make this family tree any more stranger than it already is?

Lime Aka Bababooey: If you had to pick a side to fight on in a staff civil war, which side would you pick? Noob or Bully and why?

Dany: I would choose noob, because you see, being a bully is never good, being a bully can bring bad karma upon you, and that’s never good. But now, being a noob is always good, because you can be clumsy and do something that benefits your team. Plus, I’m already a noob so it would make just sense Also bullies are clowns

Purple(noob): I would probably pick noob because I’d rather be a noob than a bully

Dizzy: I wouldn’t consider any of the staff bullies but I know what you mean 😉 I would choose noob because 1 I don’t want to be a bully and 2 it sounds like they would need more help and I love our Lil staff noobs so I will fight with them to take down the bullies (insert fight me emote)

Purple is a noob confirmed and bully confirmed by Chevy.

If staff were to have a civil war, which side would you pick? Do you think the IW family tree is strange? Would you be interested in a detailed family tree? Let us know in the comments down below!

Don’t pull an IceQueen and DrQueen eat your fruits pls

Lime Aka Bababooey

IW Staff Member

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