Weekly Recap #4

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hey Ice Warriors! Time sure flies, doesn’t it? It’s already time for the weekly recap, and it’s also promo party day! What events did you attend this week?


Besides our training events and practice battles, we had fun gaming events hosted on Club Penguin Rewritten this week! First up, Kally hosted a cart surfing event, where troops had to meet the required score Kally assigned. For example, Kally gave the number 146, and troops had to score precisely or close to 146 points in Cart Surfer. Freedomist won that event, congrats! Next, a fun hide and seek tournament occurred where DrQueen, Levelz, and D3liGhTdGOYAL obtained the famous World Champion Hider role! Lastly, Dizzy hosted a Fashion Show event where Judges Kristina, Kally, and Clindsz picked IW’s next top Fashionista. Congrats to IceQueen for winning that event! Keep an eye out for more of our CPR events happening next week.

– DrQueen

Crisy and Levelz stealing DrQueen’s Hiding spot because she’s that good



This week our Minecraft game division had a total of 3 events! The first being our Building Contest, hosted by Levelz and Freedomist which had some AMAZING builds from our troops!! Our second event was the Treasure Hunt, hosted by Kris and Crisy! Which was pretty difficult but congrats to all our winners, everyone had lots of fun. For our final Minecraft event of this week we had a PVP Tournament, hosted by Kally and Levelz which was really successful!! Congrats to our winner: Franz!

– Subster


This week, the Roblox division had three events! The week started off with a fun Arsenal game, mid-week they had a Hide & Seek event and then they finished off with a game of Roblox Among Us. There was a wide variety of different games, Arsenal yet again proved to be the most popular game! Thank you to our hosts DrQueen, Chris, Clindsz and Purple!

– IceQueen

Among Us

The Among Us division had many fun events during the week: Monday, hosted by Josh, Tuesday, hosted by Caitlyn, Maya and Crisy, and lastly Thursday, hosted by Josh and Crisy. These games had a great turn-up! Thank you to our hosts and all of you who attended! Make sure to keep an eye out in games centre for our next game!

– Saoirse

Voice Chat Events

The VC division has been hitting it off! I do think that if the person who doesn’t talk, sings their lungs out, it then intrigues people to join. Although our division has been hitting it off with the Kahoots, Movie nights, and other games, I think Karaoke has been always the funniest to me. The last Karaoke we had, we got an exclusive from Josh, who sung his heart and soul for Karaoke and people were eating it up! Here’s a small picture in which Josh sung for me ❤

– Bababooey

Miscellaneous Games

The Miscellaneous division had a fun week with more than 5 games. The first was Krunker, and the same day, we had Codenames. It was a busy Monday for this division. The following day, we played Shell Shockers. We also played a game called Psych it on Friday, which was a lot of fun. Last but not least, we had a fun game of AtWar. This was a fun week, I hope you enjoyed it!

– Purple


How many events did you attend? What events do you want to see us host next week? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

DrQueen, Subster, IceQueen, Saoirse, Bababooey, Purple

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