Training & PIZZATRON3000 competition [EU]

Hi Troops!

Yesterday we hosted a special training which ended with PIZZATRON3000 competition. You had the opportunity to compete in three modules: Beginner (195 points), Intermediate  (365 points) and Expert (770 points). As always the rywalization was on the high level! Who was the winner? Check in the post!

== max penguins online: 50 ==

Beginner 195 winners: Freedomist, Steph, Pranav
Intermediate 365 winners: Freedomist, Levelz, Pranav
Expert 770 winners: Freedomist, LawCorazon, Levelz

Congrats to all who won extra Snowflakes!

That’s all guys! Remember tocome to our divisional battle with Water Vikings today! Unitil then… Don’t freeze up!

Much love and see you around,

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