Q&A: The Battle of the Breakfasts!

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday! It’s time for the weekly Q&A! 

Continue reading to find out more about what we all love about Ice Warriors so much, the types of events we enjoy and the winner of the “Battle of the Breakfasts”!

Let’s begin with finding out about what our Staff in Training and Head Generals love about Ice Warriors!

IceQueen: What’s your favourite thing about Ice Warriors?

Ghostgirl: The really nice people there! And the fun events :3

Gavin: My favorite thing about the ice warriors is the Community that has been created from our love of Club penguin and other Games. I’ve been in a few “gaming hub” or community servers similar and by far the Ice Warriors is the best! Everyone I’ve met through the ice warriors, even though we may not know each other in person or live in the same city, state, or even country, I’m very grateful to have known and to call my friend. This is also the least toxic server I’ve ever been apart of so that’s also one of my favorite things as well!

Headchicken: My favorite thing about the Ice Warriors is the friendships you make. The whole community is so amazing and kind, to this day I have friendships in IW I cherish everyday. :heart~2:

Franz: My favourite thing about the Ice Warriors is the community is so friendly. Everyone in Ice Warriors is super friendly and respectful and I honestly never thought I’d find such an amazing and friendly server like Ice Warriors and I’m grateful to be a part of them :awe:

Nathan: Everything :goo~2: But my favorite favorite is probably the friends I have made :sml:

All the reasons mentioned are also why I love Ice Warriors, it’s all of you that make Ice Warriors what it is and I love you all alot! :tl1HeartsBlue::elsa: :GlowHeart:

Now let’s find out what kind of events everyone enjoys!

IceQueen: What type of Ice Warriors events do you like the best?

Stacy: My favourite events are the ones where we train for a bit and then do something fun after! Like today we had the pizza game after training and another time we had the race after and then another time we had the connect 4 games. Those ones are really nice! Oh, the one with the Polar vs Blizzard was fun too because of the two colours xD, I love the training and then games one the most though.

Our last divisional battle against the Water Vikings! We have another one today, make sure you’re attending!

Lime: For the Games event I guess I enjoy Karaoke! :grin: I love singing and especially singing with others! I would say the best part of it are the solos because soloing is a very brave thing to do! :3 For CPR events I guess it’s when people play coin challenges! It’s so funny seeing people compete for snowflakes as well as earning coins as well! I’m just glad to be in IW after all. It’s so lively :3

Pink: I REALLY loved our comeback! It was exciting and fun 🙂

Impoztor: I really like the connect 4 events because it is very fun, you gain promotions and you gain CPR coins. But, two more that are very cool are Polar vs Blizzard because it’s very competitive and for the last one I really like Arsenal (Roblox) because it’s a game that I started playing a long time ago and it is very entertaining. Thanks!

Subster: Ooo thats a good question! I really love our fun events we have. I remember our halloween event, Icey told us spooky stories at the cove around the campfire! I really enjoyed the race event and our Pizzatron3000 event we had today, those are always really exciting!! But Polar vs Blizzard events are always super fun too!

Iceyfeet: battles :hmm~1:

IceQueen: Awesome! Why are they your favourite Icey?

Iceyfeet: I believe battles are the most fun :hmm~1:

IceQueen: lol you’re using the :hmm~1: emote a lot again! Are there any other reasons?

Iceyfeet: mm, battles are the most intense, they show what we’ve been training and how well we are doing as an army.

As you can see we have a huge variety of events in Ice Warriors! Remember to keep an eye on the event information channels on all our upcoming huge events and battles!

To finish off, we are going to find out whose breakfast is superior once and for all! Icey is very well known for his love for bagels and Kally is known in Ice Warriors for having one of the most nutritious, wholesome breakfasts! Let’s let the “Battle of the Breakfasts” commence!

Left – Icey’s legendary bagels! Right – Kally’s hearty breakfast!

IceQueen: Whose breakfast would you rather have?

Levelz: Kally 100% I can’t imagine having cake and ice cream for breakfast :skull:

Kristina: I have to go with Icey, cake icecream sounds great but tbh that’s all I’d eat from it. :doggyrun:

Infinite: Kally’s.

Blueraven: Kally’s. I love cucumbers and tomatoes, and it looks better and more healthy. Icey is so unhealthy, I can see the sugar crystals on those waffles.

DrQueen: The right one (Kally’s) for sure.

Burger: Easy answer: Kally’s I personally don’t like my bagels crispy and I prefer ice cream after dinner. :screams:

Freedomist: I’d rather have Kally’s breakfast because it’s got a greater variety in my eyes :hmm~1: It also doesn’t include burnt bagels so that’s a positive.

There you have it everyone! It looks like Kally’s breakfast has come out on top! (Sorry Icey!)

[Editors note: Icey’s breakfast looks like something a 5-year-old would eat – Kally]

I hope you all enjoyed reading the article! Comment below on what your answers would have been! As always, remember to…

Love Yourselves!


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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