Q & A: What do you think of Law’s oatmeal soup?

Hey Ice Warriors, it’s time for another Q&A!

Did you attend our special training on Friday? If yes, you probably heard of Law’s weird oatmeal soup. I was wondering what our staff members think about her soup. Find out down below their opinions.

Our first question of this Q&A is: Who is the biggest simp of the Ice Warriors?

Five: Purple is the biggest simp

Cherry: I’ve gotta say Mr orange aka clown aka noob is the biggest simp in IW, considering he’s the leader of the Simp Squad and also made me a Simp in Training.

Members of the IW Simp Squad

Who is the real Minecraft crasher?

Freedomist: Well there’s one person who comes to mind and that’s Subster. She’s notorious for breaking the MC server, nuking it and crashing it on numerous occasions and just wreaking havoc on the server in general as well. She had decided to leave the server in the hands of snow and I, with her purposefully having the server act up on us. It’s evident that she did this on purpose to frame us. However, she was not alone in this act. She was also accompanied by her apprentices, IceQueen and Kristina. Kristina had built a terrible and cursed stairway to the end portal which explains the End acting weirdly in the game which should’ve been a red flag right away. IceQueen had also not gone through the nether portal when told to and pretended that she was just a noob but we all know she’s in on Subster’s evil plan. Needless to say, they were both catalysts in the server crashing with Subster being the mastermind in an effort to frame Snow and I. So there’s your answer, Subster is the real Minecraft crasher and is helped in her crimes by her accomplices IceQueen and Kristina.

Snow: I’m going to give the most sensible answer and say that the main people to blame for the tragic server crashing on Saturday were IceQueen, Subster and Kristina. Icequeen for basically being a minecraft noob, Subster for leaving the server at the mercy of the guy who previously massacred everyone on the server in another unrelated incident and Kris… well because why not LMAO. If anyone tells you it was me who crashed the server by teleporting everyone into the Nether, that is absolutely false. Me and my fellow co-host Freedom were completely innocent of such crimes. If anyone’s a professional at crashing the server, it’s Subster – I’m sure she’d be happy to explain the zillion times she’s nuked it.

First signs of the catastrophe…

Is Abi the real E-girl?

Chevy: Yes, Abi is the real E-girl. The dork has been IW’s E-girl ever since some randos called her one in VC, which should be enough proof that she is the real microwave-dork-ferret-modern lincoln-Egirl of IW.

What do you think of Law’s oatmeal soup?

Kristina: I won’t lie to you, it’s scary, which fits Law because she’s a scary dragon

Levelz: Honestly it looks more like porridge than soup I don’t think I’d eat that

Saoirse: oh god, it wouldn’t be for me but I can’t tell because I’ve never tried it, but I don’t think I would try it any time soon (sorry law)


That’s it for this week Q&A. What do you think of Law’s oatmeal soup? Would you eat it? Let us know down below!! If you have any ideas for future questions, DM me or any Ice Warriors’ reporters. Also, don’t forget to check out #event-Information for our next event.

Ice Warriors forever!


Ice Warriors Staff Member

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