Investigation of the Hugging Phenomena

Hey Ice Family,

Today we have an extremely important topic: Hugs! Yes, really, hugs are effective at reducing stress by showing support and therefore making you happier.

Now you may be asking yourself, “But why are we talking about hugs if this is a virtual community” Well, I am here to inform you about the hugs… that have been occurring within the Ice Warriors. Virtual Hugs can be given through gifs, emojis, and even in club penguin! To investigate this Hugging phenomenon, I interviewed some Ice Warriors.

How do you feel about the hugging phenomena in Ice Warriors?

Law: I mean everyone needs a hug sometimes, so it’s good. Does not need to be overdone tho, we have yui for that!

Grace: Hmm I feel like, to be honest, it’s great with me, if its basically just a hug to make someone feel better, or like a friendly hug, etc.

Discord Hugs

How do you feel about receiving virtual hugs?

Subster: Oh I love virtual hugs! Irl I’m not a huge fan of physical contact so virtual hugs mean a lot more to me and they act like real hugs! It shows that people love you and care about you:iwheart:

Josh: Ooh virtual hugs, those often feel very nice to have, and while they don’t seem to be real at all, we can imagine as if they are real. I feel as though probably the main reason I like them is that receiving them makes me feel like I’m loved and appreciated, which is something I care about not just for myself, but for others as well.

Five: I love hugs there amazing even though a simp sends one I still uwu them:uwu:

IW Staff emergency hug on CPR!

Crisy: Hello, Abi it has been brought to my attention that you are known for running help desks that hand out free hugs. Why are you handing out free hugs and what are you gaining from this?:sus:

Abi: oo yes! I have a help desk in Water Ninjas, our colony, that slowly turned into “Abi’s help desk” the main purpose for it originally was just to help Chris, a former 2ic, with some of his questions. Then Crisy was having a bad day and came asking for hugs :sad: So from then, I make sure to gib hugs away to everyone who needs/wants them. I don’t gain anything from giving them away but I do gain knowing that I made someones day and helped them feel better :goo:


Crisy: Hello, Orange I’ve noticed you never give out hugs! What do u have against them?:ACOSP_Sus:

Orange: What who says I don’t be giving out hugs?? :IWwaiting:

Crisy: Everyone you never do:IWwaiting:

Orange: Who said I never do? No proof:Hmm~1:

Orange being exposed for his lies

Alright, that’s all for today about hugs!  Hugs are an easy way to make someone else happy so make sure to give others hugs. Should we have an article exposing Orange? And how do you feel about hugs? Let us know in the comment section down below!:hugs::p_hearts11:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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  1. I like hugs uwu

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  2. i want a hug 🙂


  3. me want hug 🙂

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  4. Stan Hugs ❤️ (Awesome Article Crisy!!)


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