Q&A: The Appliance War

Happy Tuesday Ice Warriors!

I hope you’re all having an amazing Tuesday! It’s time to start this week’s Q&A!

Continue reading to find out who the biggest noob truly is, our favorite memes, what memories that we cherish most from IW, and which appliance came out victorious in the Appliance War.

Let’s start off by finding out who the biggest noob in IW is.

Five: That’s a very very hard question. You see people in IW are all noobs except for the troops, we love our troops :uwu~9:. But on the other hand, people like Purple, Cherry, Chevy, Nathan, HC, and so much more are noobs. But the biggest you may ask would easily be iz.

Josh: So, if I had to choose who is the biggest noob in IW, without a doubt it has to be the current SIT Cherry who in contrast would also believe I’m the biggest noob. The reason I say this is because well, she lost a bet at a time and I was a confirmed noob for a little while. At the same time, she also has her own emote for it.

Cherry: Ohh good question! the biggest noob has to be Josh 100%, and then Purple, and then Abi. Abi is not as much as a noob since she’s my wife, Purple just smells so she’s a noob, and Josh just jinxes me too much so he’s qualified as #1 noob. Although you also fit in this list, Chevy, you also are a noob. ❤

Abi: lmfaooo ok ok the biggest noob in IW :hmmm~2: this is a hard place to get in my book because we have so many clowns in IW but the top three in my opinion would be Chevy, DrQueen, and Orange all for different reasons, Chevy because she’s a fridge and can’t spell for her life. DrQueen because…well, we don’t really need an explanation, and Orange because all he does for fun is bully me, cherry, and purple

DrQueen pings herself making her indeed a noob

I agree with Josh, Cherry is definitely the biggest noob.

Now let’s find out our favorite memes from IW!

Maya: I like the joe meme haha. I don’t really know how to explain this well, but just seeing “who’s joe” in chat is hilarious to me. It has barely any context to people who may have never heard of it before, but I have to say it’s my favorite IW meme.

Kayles: definitely Regan vs brits XD it’s been around for months and never fails to put a smile on my face. I’m not quite sure how it started but it’s been a long-lasting joke in IW that the word “brit” is even banned. The mythic himself could probably tell you more about it.

HeadChicken: My favorite meme from IW is made by Icey. Where you put your name in promos and snowflakes and Law says in your DMS about how she didn’t see you at the event. It’s overall a great meme that makes me laugh everything I see it!

Classic Law

Speaking of events, we have a few active events right now! Go check them out.

For our third question on this Q&A, I asked what troops/staffs most cherished memory from IW are. 

Franz: Hmmm, that’s a hard question :hmm~5:. One of my favorite memories of IW probably was the first time I hosted karaoke with IceQueen! It was really fun to see others sing and it was very fun to sing as well! Hosting karaoke for the first time was definitely the favorite memory I’ve had in IW so far

Alucard: It would have to be the night of when I was promoted to staff. I joined the VC, with Regan and a few others, and they were playing broken picture phone. This is not only my favorite but also the funniest memory that I have of IW

Blueraven: This was 4 days ago, so it’s a very recent memory, but to me, it’s very funny and I think I’ll remember it for a long time. It was when Regan showed up in one of our events and started saying random stuff and then, after the event, he demoted Law and made himself a leader again LOL. Then, he tried to ban Iceyfeet but ofc it didn’t work but he made a huge reaction because then a bunch of privates started trying to ban a bunch of people. What a riot!!!

Next up on the list is the long-lasting war of refrigerators vs microwaves.

Purple: So I’d probably say refrigerators because microwaves aren’t that important in your life compared to refrigerators :hmmm~2: (Sorry Abi)

qt Ben: Even tho you are a fridge, microwaves are better. If you have leftover pasta, you want to put it in the microwave to heat it up. that makes the pasta so gooood. All the fridge does is keep it cold. I’m sorry for disrespecting you but microwaves are much more superior :devil~1: :chevysfridge:

Al: Refrigerators :v they’re just superior, microwaves can’t have certain things in them, but fridges, you could put lava in that fridge if you really wanted to lmao

TheNathanBoy: Refrigerators for sure. Microwaves are annoying because if you make two bowls of ramen, it will heat your microwave up enough to burn a package of Costco microwave popcorn on the normal popcorn setting because when the ramen was cooking, it heated up the microwave, and it takes a long time to cook. Also because Chevys a refrigerator and she’s a qt :chevysfridge: uwu

Refrigerators are superior, qt Ben, and this is proof.
There you have it, folks, refrigerators turned out victorious. I hope you all enjoyed this article, comment below what you would’ve answered!

Ice Warriors Forever!
Ice Warriors Staff Member

8 Responses

  1. that Law meme never gets old LMAOOOO

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  2. Awesome Q&A Chevy!!

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  3. microwaves are definitely better than refrigerators.


  4. lamp>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  5. law is a bully btw

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  6. LOL I love that Law meme so much omg


  7. As a microwave I can confirm Microwaves are better


  8. This is so GOOD xd, also im neutral about the long lasting war, refreginators are cool and microwaves are hot XD


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