Trivia Thursday #9

Hello Ice Warriors,

Who is ready for another Trivia? But first lets take a look of our new winners. I would like to congratulate Franz and TheNathanBoy for getting all the right answers. I also would like to thank CyrenStorm for participating. With that being said, lets see the answers of the previous questions.

1.  Any names listed in the rank page.

2. Subster

3. It’s a new era

4. 10 Staff Members

5. Any Staff/Trusted/LiT/Leaders

Every Thursday we’re gonna ask you some questions about Ice Warriors. The first 3 people who answer all the questions correctly in the comment section down below, will get snowflakes. The correct answers will be featured in the next trivia post! Now let’s see what are this week’s questions! 

1.  Which tournament did Ice Warriors win last year?

2. Name one of our Trusted Staff.

3. Name an IW Mythic (can be found in the legend page)

4. How many Leaders do we have at the moment?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Comment down below your answers. The first 3 people who answer it correctly will receive snowflakes. Don’t forget to check out #marchmadness for our next HUGE event in the tournament.

Ice Warriors Forever,


Ice Warriors Staff Member



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