Fan Art Friday #18

Hey Ice Family,

It’s time for this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday. I was amazed by all the IW-themed Fan Art we had this week. Keep reading to see all the impressive art.:PurpleFroggyHat::SubsGlowHeart:

First, we have a really cute drawing from our Sergeant First Class, Panda!

Crisy: Hi Panda! How did you draw this and what inspired you to make it?

Panda: I made it with Ibis Paint:art:. I loved playing and laughing with the Ice Warriors but couldn’t fully express it :snowflake: So I made art to show how I feel about being an IW:heartbeat:. It’s kind of like a story. A story of a panda and a penguin being close friends. The penguin showed the panda a whole new world that’s full of wonder and fun. A world of gentle snow and warm-hearted friends. In this story, I was the panda and you guys, the IW, is the penguin :sparkling_heart: :panda_face: :penguin:



Next, we have an adorable IW drawing from our Private First Class, e13mEnT81_P1K2cH8U!

Crisy: Hey! How did you draw this and how long did it take you?:YellowFroggyHat:

e13mEnT81_P1K2cH8U: It took like 10 minutes, a little more than that. I used this app called Krita


Third is a drawing of our LiT Lemonade made by our Head Lieutenant RedWalkzz!

Crisy: Hi RedWalkzz! What inspired you to create this beautiful drawing?

RedWalkzz: I was making drawings for all the staff and above I could make. I made one for IceQueen and she loved it, so here I am drawing for lemonade, one of our kindest LiT.


Up next is a cool edit from our Corporal First Class, Oxperation!

Crisy: Hey Oxperation! What inspired you to create this and how long did it take you to make it?:GreenFroggyHat:

Oxperation: I was just looking at memes and just thought of it. It’s like when somebody gets disrespected the gang pulls up. It took me around 50 mins or 1 hour (waiting for staff members to dm me back for the profile pics, the cropping, and finding a good image)


And last but not least we have impressive pixel art from our Staff Member Josh!

Crisy: Hi Joshey Poo:JosheyPoo:! How long did it take you to create this, and what did you use to make it?

Josh: So this is the Alex salute, and I want to say this took about 40 minutes to get done, it really just came down to making the hair a close replica of :AlexSalute:as much as possible, I spent the most time on that one factor. And like with many other pixel arts I’ve done, I used 🙂

Are you mind blown by all the amazing art? I know I am, Ice Warriors has the best artists ever uwu. I wish I could have continued this and added all the art in the Fan Art channel but the editors would throw potatoes at me:ScaredDog:. So If you want a chance for your art to be featured next Friday make sure to post it in the #Fan-Art channel of the Ice Warriors Discord! This article was sponsored by Froggy Hats! So make sure to get one in Club Penguin Rewritten Today!:froggyhat::PinkFroggyHat:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff Member

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