Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: March 29nd 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors,

Its Monday! A brand new week to accomplish our goals, but also that means.. a new troop, recruiter & staff member of the week!!! Who can it be? Read down below to find out! :awe:

Troop of the Week: Erza & ZeroDeath!!

Lieutenant, ZeroDeath has been super active in our main chat and has attended many CPR events, earning him a triple promotion this past promo party weekend. ZeroDeath is someone who you will always find in main chat interacting with new troops and our staff members. Thank you ZeroDeath for being such an awesome troop and we cannot wait to see what awesome things you do in Ice Warriors! Congrats! :IWinfiniteDab:

Head General, Erza is the shining light to our community in Ice Warriors! She has done nothing, but provide a welcoming atmosphere to our new troops. You can always find her interacting in main chat, hyping events, and achieving record-breaking numbers in our Recruiting Warriors division!! Thank Erza for being an awesome role model to our community. Congrats! :iwsalute:


Recruiter of the Week: Stacy

One of our Colonials, Stacy has shown amazing results in the Ice Warriors Recruiting Warriors Regime this past week!! Stacy has been troop for IW for quite a while now, showing nothing but love and dedication for IW and is now taking that drive to take on a bigger responsibility, which is recruiting for IW to help contribute to our size. We thank you so much Stacy for being a huge part of IW and cannot wait to see grow in Ice Warriors! :IWsalute2:


Staff Member of the Week: Chevy Infinite!!!

The one and Only, IW’s next top refrigerator Chevy, has earned a spot again for Staff member of the week! Personally, I’ve known Chevy since I became a staff member. Seeing Chevy’s growth as a troop to now a current 5ic, Minecraft moderator and IWNC Reporter has made me nothing but proud of her. Chevy has worked super hard as a staff member in general and this past week in preparation for March Madness and has showed nothing but her dedication and loyalty to IW! Congrats our favorite Fridge! :chevysfridge:

Infinite has been such an awesome member to us in Ice Warriors. Ever since he joined our team, he has proved himself to be an extremely hard and dedicated worker. Infinite has been doing super well with helping our troops making accounts and helping them log on for all our events. I got the honor to personally watch Infinite grow from a Staff In Training (SIT) to a full Staff Member and he has done but nothing make us staff members and troop proud of him! Thank you Infinite for being such a dedicated and loyal staff member to IW! Cannot wait to see you rise up through the ranks! :IWsalute2:

That all for now folks! Wanna see yourself as a future troop, recruiter or staff member of the week? Just keep working hard and showing your loyalty to IW! You can DM me for info!

Until then, Don’t Freeze up :pinkhearts~1:

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  1. Congrats!


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