Meme Monday: Ice Warriors Need to Learn How to Sleep

Happy Monday Ice Warriors!!

Today it’s Meme Monday, the best day of the week. For this week’s article, we have a compilation post, full of memes that our warriors have made for us! Were your memes be featured in the post? Read on to find out!

To start off we have a meme from our staff member Hiro!

Chevy: How do u make your memes? Is there a special website that you use?

Hiro: Ummm, it’s nothing special but I’m using Praint. I know many people use this, but at least you can make memes without any hassle, it’s just plain and simple. But when I record and make videos I use a cap cut up for the projects that I make for school.

Did you know Privates could get promoted for making a Club Penguin account? Well, they can! If you’re a Private just message any Staff members and tell them that you have a Club Penguin account!

The next meme on our list is made by our colonel SuperEvilSlayer17!

I think IW single-handedly made my timezone go from PST to AUSIA without me even moving.

Last but definitely not least, we have two memes made by our Head Major ReddyRed!

Chevy: Do you think Purple is a noob?

ReddyRed: Well, I have absolutely no idea why everyone calls Purple a noob. I feel bad for her- so I don’t call her one, but it’s actually a 50/50. I have no reason so I don’t think she is one.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Meme Monday. These memes were super funny and thank you to everyone who makes us these hilarious memes. They sure are a great way to brighten up a day.

Want to be featured in our next Meme Monday? Post any funny memes in #iw-memes and you’ll have a chance to be featured!

PS: Purple is the biggest noob in IW and nobody can change my mind.

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  1. funny memes guys
    keep it up

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